Xylon Custom ROM

Xylon Custom ROM

Xylon is one of recently introduced Custom ROMs for Android devices. Initially, it started as a part of  Fruits & Veggies (FNV) Project, which is now considered as the root of Xylon. It basically aims at distributing a fully transformed aftermarket Android firmware which shall take the device’s hardware to its extreme potential. Along with that, Xylon has some useful cherry picks from the CM & AOKP code which is improvising day by day with the continuous hard work of the Team members.

The current version available for the Galaxy Nexus is 015 Stable, released on 6 Jan, 2013.
As in the views of DroidViews, Xylon is a ROM completely capable of accompanying those who require the Vanilla taste with customize-able UI and extreme performance boost.

The users have already tagged this ROM as “Great” by its  appearance and stability.
– Download the ROM here, http://goo.im/devs/daxmax/xylon
– If you want Photosphere, you might want to flash the stock Google Gallery, here. You’ll might miss CM Camera features.
– Once all of your Download is done, move all the zip you downloaded to your device’s storage.
– Reboot into recovery— This step is for beginners, who is already on Xylon, you just have to dirty flash, no need for a clean flash. –
– Go to Wipe, select “Factory Reset“
– press Install.
– Select “xylon_devicename_000_xx-xx-2012.zip“, “gapps-jb-2012xxxx-signed.zip” and your other packages..
– Then, swipe to install.
– Once all the processes is done, reboot.
– Wait for a couple of minutes, go n make cup of coffee for yourself.

and it is done Please Enjoy

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