TouchPal Keyboard

TouchPal Keyboard the name of speed you will feel while you are typing. this application is the winner of Global Mobile innovation Award because of its best contextual prediction and Sliding input combines perfectly and provides a great comfort and very fast typing speed to the user, this thing makes TouchPal Keyboard application the fastest android keyboard in the world.

There are more than 10 million of fans who are using this application and they are loving it. This application has many unique technologies, such as it has one of the best sliding input experience, its unique quality of content prediction always saves yours up to 80% of keystrokes, In QWERTY it corrects the mistyping errors automatically.

A large number of skins available with this application with excellent plugins for toolbar, like twitter is the best toolbar plugin with this application offers you to tweet directly from your keyboard.

this application has ability to support multi language what you need to do is just download the language pack once you are finish with the installation. There are a lot of new themes available for you they are waiting for you. it has an outstanding dictionary with an  online update service. Able to backup and restore your personal dictionary into your SD Card.

 We recommend you to make sure the language before you download the new version.
– Bulgarian
– Catalan
– Chinese Simplified Handwriting
– Chinese Simplified Pinyin
– Chinese Simplified Stroke
– Chinese Simplified Wubi
– Chinese Traditional BoPoMoFo
– Chinese Traditional Cangjie
– Chinese Traditional Simple Cangjie
– Croatian
– Czech
– Danish
– Dutch
– English
– English (UK)
– English (USA)
– Finnish
– French
– German
– Hindi
– Italian
– Polish
– Portuguese-Br
– Portuguese-Pt
– Romanian
– Russian
– Slovak
– Slovenian
– Spanish
– Swedish
– Turkish
– Ukrainian

There are a lot of other features with this application just download it and feel the difference.

Thumb Keyboard

Thumb Key board for android is one of the most customizable key board in the android market, It is very useful for tablet and phablet etc, This application is specially packaged with a lot of features that you will never find on any other keyboard application.

Thumb keyboard for Android based phones brings a revolution in the android market because of its andvanced customization options  that allows all users to create or modify it to their  own preferences. This ground breaking keyboard comes up with a lot of new innovations. It works besides a standard layout for you as it has a new split interface for the tablets and special phones that makes typing by thumb more comfortable and natural.

This application Thumb keyboard also introduces a lot of new useful and advanced solutions that will definitely improve your typing productivity and makes it more fun and comfortable on your mobile device.

This Keyboard is has a very flexible layout, it is awesome because of its standard featured layouts, it provides you a split layout for tablets and large screen devices, better accessible keys for typing with thumb on large and small tablets and phones which are 4 inches +.

it gives you an option to select separate layouts for landscape and portrait usage. It is very simple one handed operation mode for large screen phones you will found this very comfortable while using it.

This application also offers you a  Possibility to change the long press symbols converted by special international characters!! this also allows you to enter all of your typical language letters directly with a simple long press.


German (with special QWERTZ keyboard ánd special german keyboard)
French (with support AZERTY)
Spanish (with modern Spanish keyboard layout)
Russian (with cyrillic keyboard)

Hacker’s Keyboard

We are sure you are missing the key layout what you use on your computer, Hacker’s Keyboard has a solution for this because this unique keyboard has separate number keys, also have puntuations  arrow keys at the place you have it in your keyboard.

This application is based on Gingerbread soft keyboard that is why it supports multi touch for the modifier keys. This keyboard is especially very  useful for SSH and Connnect bot access. It is the only application that provides you Tab / Ctrl / Esc keys this is not end on thise it also provides you almost complete range of keys you have in your computer’s keyboard. these arrow keys are very essential for the devices such as the Xoom tablet or Nexus S and all other phones that do not have a track ball or D pad.
This application is  absolutely free of cost and highly rated by its users because it is providing its service in different languages and layouts.
With this application Completion dictionaries are provided by plug-in packages, see the other applications by this developer section for the currently available list. The keyboard also supports use of dictionaries (but not keyboard layouts) provided by AnySoftKeyboard language packs.

The supported keyboard layouts include:
– Armenian
– Arabic
– Bulgarian
– Czech
– Danish (dansk)
– English Dvorak (language “en_DV”)
– English (QWERTY)
– English/British (en_GB)
– Finnish (Suomi)
– French
– German (Deutsch, QWERTZ)
– Greek
– Hebrew
– Italian (Italiano)
– Lao
– Norwegian
– Persian
– Portugese
– Romanian
– Russian
– Russian phonetic
– Serbian
– Slovak
– Slovenian /Bosnian/Croatian/Latin Serbian
– Spanish
– Swedish
– Thai
– Turkish
– Ukrainian

Go Keyboard

GO Keyboard as you can understand by its name this application is to provide you help to type more and more very faster and smarter,  it is a great choice for android mobiles and about 70% of the android users are loving it.

GO Keyboard application provides you more than sixty build in theme you can select the one suits your nature. this is not the end, publisher always releases new themes and features plugins updates almost every week. GO Keyboard pad mode  also provides you a lot of different key board layout designs everyday you want to change the layout just do it and feel something new. it is very suitable for use in 5″, 7″, 9″ / 10″ tablet.

It has a lot of main features, it predict in multi languages with many key board layouts, this application has access to many accurate dictionaries which always help you to type accurate words. it has the smart engine for predictions to make its services more better. it allows you to import contacts from your contact list and from other. also support fantasy text output and supports emoji and a lot of variety of themes.

It has a smart to set skin and back ground, also has an auto memory and correct your words as you type.  provides you a multi point touch key board to type.
●Support languages:
☆Pinyin, wubi, stoke, handwriting and voice input
☆cangjie,zhuyin,simple cangjie
☆Ukrainian -UG-українська мова
☆Bulgarian-BG-Български език
☆German-DE- Deutsch
☆Russian-RU-Русский язык
☆French-FR- française
☆Czech-CS- čeština
☆Croatian-HR- Hrvatski
☆Romanian-RO- română
☆Turkish-TR- Türkçe
☆Arabic-AR-اللغة العربية‎
☆Slovak-SK- Slovenčina
☆Polish-PL- język polski
☆Norwegian-NO- norsk
☆Hungarian-HU- Magyar
☆Greek-EL- Ἑλληνική
☆Finnish-FT- Suomi
☆Dutch-NL- Nederlands
☆Danish-DA- dansk
☆Swedish-SV- svenska
☆Spanish-ES- Español
☆Hebrew-HE- Ivrit
☆Italian-IT- Italiano
☆Korean- KO-조선어
☆Indonesian-ID- Bahasa Indonesia
☆Malay- MS- Bahasa Melayu
☆Slovenian- SL-slovenščina
☆Thai- TH -ไทย
☆Philippines(Tagalog)- tl- Tagalog

Swype Keyboard for Android

Swype is the best and original Swipe style of key board that is everything in it. with this amazing application Swype  you can enter your text very quickly and accurately, it allows you to backup and synchronize your personal dictionary across all of your available android phone devices, you can use key board aplication layouts as optimized for tablets and smart phones, it is absolutely free of cost and you can have it all by just a single click for download.

Swype  has a personal dictionary backup and sync which enables you to backup your personal dictionary to the cloud , Swype  is the only application which never lose the words that you add once in your personal dictionary again!

Swype’s many new sources and updates has your dictionary with the latest trending words it provides you an instant access to words and phrases that everyone is using at that moment. Swype’s main language also localizes your dictionary further with dialect support for your preferred language.

it is one of the best and intelligent application that helps you to predict before you type, it is like the application can read your mind. it has the most power ful language models from the market to help you train your device to learn your unique vocabulary your shortcuts you always use with chitchat and conversation with your buddies.

this application is the best for its prediction it easily predict commonly uses words and phrases like “Best of the Best,” “Return of the Jedi”, “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” and “Dancing with the Stars.”

Company is offering this to download over 60 languages, because it works absolutely fine with over 60 languages just to make sure you are very comfortable with this application.
Swype has its own smart editor for quick error fixing suggests you likely alternatives and much more….

Any Soft Keyboard

Any Soft Keyboard is one of the best freeware application for your on screen keyboard with multiple languages support, This Any Soft Keyboard application is one of the most best customizable keyboard available.

This application is very good application which provides you a special multi touch support with an amazing effect. Any Soft Keyboard is the only keyboard for android that doesnt make anyone want to blow the brains out. This application has everything you will need, it is the most intuitive keyboard you will used, You will always love it.

It is very simple and easy to use one of the most popular application with over a million of users. This application is the best you can never object on anything because it is very user friendly.

Any Soft Keyboard offers you many unique opportunities such as
It provides you a multi languages supported keyboard with many external packages, helps you by grabbing data from different dictionaries from multiple languages, it also  provides you an amazing multi touch effect which tapping on it.

It also offers you a Voice input support you can text via your voice, now you do not need to type and tap on keyboard, just speak what you wanted to type and get it on your Android phone screen. it is really a fun to use this wonderful application.

if you are bore with one layout style do not need to worry at all just swipe your finger to left or right and it will switch the layouts, you can swipe up to shift, Swipe down to close the key board,

Application comes with three built in skins with an awesome effect, It has a build in user dictionary and words editor. the best keyboard for android out there. No hassle and easy to use. Also does not use up a lot of ram.

SlideIT Keyboard for Android

SlideIT keyboard is a freeware android application an excellent tool to type anything you want, it replace your touch screen keyboard. SlideIT keyboard improves the users dramatically writing speed with practically no leaving curve, it always help you while you type your text,
SlideIT keyboard’s new version includes a lot of new features and fixes.

This keyboard has a lot of new skins it allows you to enjoy new interface every time you want. it gives you smart predictions all the time built in  more than sixty skins, you can type via speaking, it allows you to customize keyboard, also helps you to import contacts from your phone. one of the best thing which is because of the combination of all these feature is time saving keyboard for android devices, writing email, SMS messaging or just chating with all of your friends on small touch screen.


SlideIT keyboard can load many languages, and you can switch between them with the press of a button!
Arabic ,
Belorussian ,
Bulgarian ,
Catalan ,
Czech ,
Dutch -Nederlands,
Estonian ,
Finnish ,
French ,
German ,
Greek ,
Korean ,
Persian ,
Serbian “ cyrillic ,
Serbian “ latin “ ,
Slovak ,
Slovenian ,
Swahili ,
Ukrainian -¸.
These packs include a variety of keyboard layouts: QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, COLEMAK and DVORAK.

Swift Keyboard

Swift Keyboard

Swift keyboard is one of the best tool for android user productivity. Basically it is  a mind reading keyboard. it is the most popular productivity tool for android which is number 1 selling application in fifty seven countries and having more than 145000 + positive reviews.

What is special in it ???

Yes It provides you a shockingly accuracy when you type it suggest you the words before you type copies your typing style dictionary and on the basis of your typing it always suggest you the best and accurate, it helps you to making for a creepy fast typing experieince.
A review by Time Magazine about this application is
“Shockingly accurate, making for a creepy-fast typing experience.” – TIME Magazine

this application is really very smart and easy to use, swift key keyboard replaces your original phone’s keyboard with the one you like and that understands you, it always predict the word before you’ve even pressed any key.

it provides you the world’s most accurate auto correction in more than 60 languages. This application brought a new revolution in the touch screen typing faster, easier and more personalized no matter in which way or application you are typing in it supports to all applications installed in your phone so there is no issue of compatibility with other software etc.

Swift key keyboard learns how you type and the way you write, it train on your message archive from google Twitter, faceook or your blog or anywhere else you need to type, It does not just learn the popular words you use in your conversations or typing but also it learn how you use them together in which combination etc.

You are able to enable up to three languages at the same time and can switch it very easily.

It is a great fun to use this application, We highly recommend you to download this application and make a tour.

Adaptxt Android Keyboard


Adaptxt is one of the most common an d popular keyboard in the android market. the main reason of its popularity is ability to customizable effects and layouts, it provides you the word suggestions before you even start typing it automatically learns from your writing style to get smarter and helps you to type more and more with very quick speed.

Adaptxt is no 1 android keyboard application for many different language support with over 81 dictonaries it is the perfect keyboard application for any android phone.

For any kind of issue relevant to this application please visit our webstie or email us at

it has a very intelligent prediction and error correction in about 81 languages
Language dictionary add-ons:
• Afrikaans
• Albanian-Shqip
• Arabic العربية
• Assamese-অসমীয়া
• Banglish
• Bengali-বাংলা
• Basque-Euskara
• Belarusian-Беларуская
• Bulgarian-Български
• Catalan-Català
• Croatian-Hrvatski
• Czech-Čeština
• Danish-Dansk
• Dutch-Nederlands
• English (AU)
• English (UK)
• English (US)
• Estonian-Eesti
• Filipino-Tagalog
• Finnish-Suomi
• French (BE)-Français
• French (CA)-Français
• French (FR)-Français
• French (CH)-Français
• Galician-Galego
• Georgian-ქართული
• German-Deutsch
• Greek-Ελληνικά
• Gujarati-ગુજરાતી
• Hausa
• Hebrew-עִבְרִית
• Hindi-हिन्दी
• Hinglish
• Hungarian-Magyar
• Icelandic-Íslenska
• Indonesian-Bahasa Indonesia
• Irish-Gaeilge
• Italian-Italiano
• Kanglish
• Kannada-ಕನ್ನಡ
• Korean (beta)-한국어
• Latvian-Latviešu
• Lithuanian-Lietuvių
• Macedonian-Македонски
• Malay-Bahasa Melayu
• Malayalam-മലയാളം
• Manglish
• Manx-Gaelg
• Marathi-मराठी
• Marathinglish
• Nepali-नेपाली
• Neplish
• Norwegian-Norsk
• Odinglish
• Persian (Farsi)-فارسی
• Polish-Polski
• Portuguese (BR)-Português
• Portuguese (PT)-Português
• Punjabi-ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
• Romanian-Română
• Russian-Русский
• Scottish Gaelic-Gàidhlig
• Serbian (Latin)-Srpski
• Serbian (Cyrillic)-Српски
• Slovak-Slovenčina
• Slovenian-Slovenščina
• SMS (EN)
• SMS (BR)
• Spanish (ES)-Español
• Spanish (LA)-Español
• Swahili-Kiswahili
• Swedish-Svenska
• Tamil-தமிழ்
• Tanglish
• Tenglish
• Telugu-తెలుగు
• Thai (beta)-ภาษาไทย
• Turkish-Türkçe
• Ukrainian-Українська
• Urdu-اُردوُ
• Vietnamese-Tiếng Việt

Smart Keyboard Pro

Smart Keyboard Pro

Smart keyboard pro is a fast multi touch keyboard which supports multi language very clearly, this applications provides you a lot of skins for this application to use it on your own desire. another special thing in this application is the voice input, you can use your voice as input and it will type it word by word.

it has a T9 and compact mode, also provides you smart dictionary for your reference and custom auto text facility. it has the hard keyboard support , calibration that helps you to learn and adjust the keys in a better way you want and also there are a lot of other appearance and prediction options which makes this application very user friendly, we will recommend you to get it now and see it by yourself why it is one of the best rated keyboard application in the Android market!

In case you have any unexpected issues once you update this application Please uninstall it then reinstall the application and restart you cell phone and the problem will be resolved.
Please do not forget to check the FAQ and its special user’s guide which is available on its web site and if you have any problems, you will find most of the common issue’s answers over there.
*** To enable the keyboard, go to “Language and keyboard” settings, and check “Smart Keyboard Pro” box. Then long press in any text input area until a popup menu appears, select “Input Method” in this menu, and choose “Smart Keyboard PRO” in the list.

You can go to keyboard settings by pressing 123 key long time. A trial version for this applicaiton is also available in the market but the pro version is the best thing we recommend you.
It contains layout from the following different languages.
Albanian: shqip
Arabic: العربية
Armenian: Õ€Õ¡ÕµÕ¥Ö€Õ¥Õ¶
Azerbaijani: Azərbaycanca
Belarusian: Беларуская
Bosnian: Bosanski
Bulgarian: Български
Catalan: Català
Chinese: 中文
Croatian: Hrvatski
Czech: Čeština
Danish: Dansk
Dutch: Nederlands
Estonian: Eesti
Finnish: Suomi
French: Français
Greek: Ελληνικά
Georgian: ქართული
German: Deutsch
Hebrew: עברית
Hungarian: Magyar
Icelandic: Íslenska
Indonesian: Bahasa Indonesia
Italian: Italiano
Japanese: 日本語
Kazakh: Қазақша
Korean: 한국어
Latvian: Latviešu
Lithuanian: Lietuvių
Luxembourgish: Lëtzebuergesch
Macedonian: Македонски
Mongolian: Монгол
Norwegian: Norsk
Persian: فارسی
Polish: Polski
Portuguese: Português
Romanian: Română
Russian: Русский
Serbian: Српски
Slovak: Slovenčina
Slovenian: Slovenščina
Spanish: Español
Swedish: Svenska
Ukrainian: Українська
Tatar: Татарча
Thai: ไทย
Turkish: Türkçe
Vietnamese: Tiếng Việt

Enjoy your new typing experience!