Tap Buddy for Android

Tap Buddy for Android

Use Tap Buddy to kick the bottled water habit! Tap Buddy lets you find and share water fountains so you can hydrate without hurting the environment or your wallet. You can also pledge to drink tap water and track which college campuses are leading the way in reducing bottled water consumption. Tap Buddy lets you: • Find and add drinking fountains with a tap water map that YOU and other users create by adding fountains near you. • Get the real facts on bottled water. • Pledge to drink tap water. • Share on social media. • Follow the leader board of college campuses involved in efforts to reduce their bottled water consumption

Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map

With Google Sky Map for your Android phone you can discover and browse the night sky just by pointing your phone to space.

Byusing your Android phones orientation sensors, we can show you a starmap for your location. Explore planets, stars, constellations, andmore! Learn the name and location of space objects and impress yourfriends.


  • Search: Find planets, stars, and constellations guided by your phone.
  • Motion detection: Sky Map uses your phones GPS, accelerometer, and compass to create a window in the sky that moves with your hand.
  • Celestial objects:Browse a map showing the brightest naked-eye stars, planets, sun andmoon, constellation lines, horizon, cardinal points, and MessierObjects.
  • Navigation: Use automaticmode to let Sky Map adjust the map for you or switch to a manual modethat allows the map to be dragged with a finger.

To see Google Sky Map in Action check out the following video:


Find us on Twitter: @googleskymap

My Trip Recorder

Live your life, use myTripRecorder to share it!

Withonly your Android cell phone you can instantly create a trip log toshare with your friends online. Your trip log includes:

  • Your Trip Map
  • Your Pictures
  • Your Videos
  • Your Stories

myTripRecorder is now available on the Android Market!

myTripRecorderallows you to capture lifes events while on the move, and share themon the web. Using your Android cell phone you can make photo, text, andvideo entries and myTripRecorder will log them by date and location.You can then, with the click of a button, upload them to your trip siteat mytriprecorder.com and share it with your friends and family.

Trip Journal

Trip Journal is the ultimate trip tracking, recording, documenting andsharing solution that is currently available for the iPhone and Androidpowered smart phones.

Use Trip Journal to document yourvacation experiences and share them with your friends and family. Trackyour traveling route, record waypoints, photos and notes and attachthem to the trip. Visualize the recorded information and follow yourposition on the map.

Impress your friends by sending themreal time updates from the places that you are visiting, and let themknow about what you have been doing lately, share your recordedinformation as nicely designed KMZ files that can be viewed in GoogleEarth.


– Track your traveling route
– Record waypoints, photos and notes
– View the recorded information on the map
– Share the trip experiences with your friends & family
– Unique designand UI effects