Xylon Custom ROM

Xylon Custom ROM

Xylon is one of recently introduced Custom ROMs for Android devices. Initially, it started as a part of  Fruits & Veggies (FNV) Project, which is now considered as the root of Xylon. It basically aims at distributing a fully transformed aftermarket Android firmware which shall take the device’s hardware to its extreme potential. Along with that, Xylon has some useful cherry picks from the CM & AOKP code which is improvising day by day with the continuous hard work of the Team members.

The current version available for the Galaxy Nexus is 015 Stable, released on 6 Jan, 2013.
As in the views of DroidViews, Xylon is a ROM completely capable of accompanying those who require the Vanilla taste with customize-able UI and extreme performance boost.

The users have already tagged this ROM as “Great” by its  appearance and stability.
– Download the ROM here, http://goo.im/devs/daxmax/xylon
– If you want Photosphere, you might want to flash the stock Google Gallery, here. You’ll might miss CM Camera features.
– Once all of your Download is done, move all the zip you downloaded to your device’s storage.
– Reboot into recovery— This step is for beginners, who is already on Xylon, you just have to dirty flash, no need for a clean flash. –
– Go to Wipe, select “Factory Reset“
– press Install.
– Select “xylon_devicename_000_xx-xx-2012.zip“, “gapps-jb-2012xxxx-signed.zip” and your other packages..
– Then, swipe to install.
– Once all the processes is done, reboot.
– Wait for a couple of minutes, go n make cup of coffee for yourself.

and it is done Please Enjoy

Delta Rom

DeltaRom one of the most special Android Customized rom for speical users. it provides you the most effective and pleassant envirnoment to use your smartphones and to change your themese, your color chemes to your desired applications and a lot of other stuff is available with this Special Android customized rom.

This customized Rom is made for the GT-I9000, GT-I9100, GT-I9300 & the GT-N7000 but it should work on every rooted device, except for O.T.A. related features. TAR packed kernel & modem is supporting only on supported devices, if you wish to use the feature on any other device it will be at your own risk because it is not designed for that.

its OTA database contains modified new ROMs and now also more modems will be added very soon in near future. Other categories will be added in the future.

There are no ROM requirements to use the features of the app and it works with CM, AOKP & Samsung based firmware.

This special version of Delta rom has few special features and techniques in it which are as bellow
– Based on Android 4.2.2 XXUFME3 Leaked
– No wipe ROM (You have to do it manually)
– Manually Deodexed
– Rooted + Busyboxed + Zipaligned
– XXEMC2 Modem
– Stock Kernel
– ClockworkMod Touch Recovery v6.0.3.1
– Super SU v1.30
– 4 Way Reboot
– 4 Way Rotation
– TouchWiz.

We recommend you to download this special rom and enjoy.

MIUI one of the Top Android ROM


 MIUI is one of the best and top ranked customzied  Android Rom which is pronounced as mee-yoo-eye  and is amongst the most popular custom ROMs available on Android market. While it is supported to a limited number of devices but  these are notably less varied than devices which CyanogenMod supports.

MIUI is Well known for its distinctive look which is, arguably, the best in the everyone’s business, enhanced notifications, smart dialing and enhanced apps for Music, Gallery and Camera. You need to Keep up to date your MIUI rom in a fast and easy way, browse the latest releases of the MIUI rom and download directly on your phone the last version with you preferred language.

Its supported devices are as follows
– Nexus One
– Nexus S
– HTC Desire
– HTC Desire HD
– HTC Incredibile
– HTC Desire CDMA
– Motorola Milestone
– Motorola Droid 1
– Samsung Galaxy S
– Motorola Defy
– HTC Desire Z
– Acer Liquid
– LG Dual
– Samsung Galaxy S II

MIUI is the famous rom developed by the chinese crew of miui.com.

Who use MIUI know how much difficult is to stay up-to-date to the last version of this fantastic rom due to the weekly updates and differents language packs. This app allow you to download the last MIUI Rom version directly on your phone with additional packages like Language Packs and google apps.

In this way you can easily update you rom in recovery mode after the download of the deoexed roms and language packs directly on your sd card.
In the future will be available for each version new extra package with new features.

For now the MIUI language packs available are:
Spanish, Italian, Greek, English, Arabic,  Hebraic, French.

CyanogenMod Popular Android ROM


Of this technology and structure. And it has gained more team members, device support and new features over the years and still improving over the passage of time and requirements.

Including all customizable quick featured settings, customizable featured software and hardware keys and a lot of more things. CyanogenMod is available for a ton of devices. Also developers has changed kernels of few Phones to make this ROM compatible with their phones. also there are plenty and thousand of free Themes are available for CynogenMod on the Google Play Store. but still we are not going to term any features as there are many many to be listed out here. Actually this android customzed rom is the best option for a all new comers for flashing a ROM and we personally recommend the users to use this ROM and we guarantee you will be very happy .

CyanogenROM it is basically an unofficial OTA Updater for “CyanogenMod”, more powerful than the integrated one. This helps you to Keep your favourite ROM ever up to date without a touch with its automatic updates it will resolve your issues automatically send bug reports without annoying you. It is a wonderful alternative to “Rom Manager” and “CyanDelta”. For the best and special features you can check for CM9, CM10, CM10.1 and 10.2 builds.
– It always Checks for Nightly, Monthly, Release Candidate and Stable builds
– On download finished, click on notification for flashing the build
– Recognizes automatically your device and notify you when a new build is found
– this rom is Scheduling automatic download of new build
– Changelog of the next nightly build
– Check MD5
– it is also Scheduling automatic flash of new build
– Link for downloading gapps in the settings
– it has an Automatic backup before flash
– it got the Possitibility to flash 3 additional zip after ROM
– Changelog of new build
– Changelog of preceding 4 nightly builds
– Auto-Delete older builds
– Force Download on Wifi in the settings

it is available in different language like Italian, French German Czech, Slovak Swedish, hungarian, Romanian, Turkish, Polish, French and English.

Codefirex ROM

codefirex ROM

The Google Android Open Source Project (AOSP). and after a great successful compilation and solving major bugs and issues, they came out with releasing it to the public, which targets on providing its users with the optimum Google experience and outstanding features. According to the author, the team shall never opt for closed source proprietary applications or features since they hinder in the development and may cause certain security issues.

With this latest release, the ROM is fully functional with the major blue tooth issue completely fixed.

For its installation, few Prerequisites are as follows.
You must have aUSB Data cable which is compatible with your HTC Desire HD. Your Phone bettry should be At least 60%. you must have the appropriate USB Drivers, and always Backup your complete Storage all contacts, manually and text messages also to avoide any kind of data loss, Most importantly ClockworkMod Recovery should be Installed.

– First of all you need to Download the latest ROM flash able .zip package. You can either download the SR stable build or Nightlies.
– Download Generic Jelly Bean 4.2 GApps from goo.im link is http://goo.im/devs/KonstantinKeller/mako/gapps/gapps-4.2-JOP40C-121116.zip
– Connect your HTC Desire HD to your PC via USB data cable.
– Enable USB Mass Storage mode, this will mount your device’s SD storage to the PC.
– Copy and paste the two downloaded .zip packages to the root of your device’s SD storage (not in any folder).
– Disconnect the device from the PC.
– Power off your device. Now press the volume down + power buttons simultaneously until you see the white bootloader screen.
– Use the volume buttons to highlight “Recovery” and select it using the power button.
– Your Desire HD will now boot into ClockworkMod Recovery.
– Select “wipe data/factory reset“.
– Go to “mounts and storage” and format /system and /sd-ext (if any)
– Go to “install zip from sdcard” > “choose zip from sdcard” > select the ROM package. If prompted, select “yes” and flash it.
– Follow the  step #12 again, and in exact same way flash the GApps zip package too.
– Select “reboot system now“.

and now you are done with it, you have the new CodefireX installed in your smartphone.

RootBox Customized ROM

vanilla rootbox Rom

RootBox the most commonly used Customized Rom among all the Customized Rom in the Android Market. Many of us are unaware of this ROM but this is what we are therefore we are gonna have spot light on the ROMs. The well-known ROM is built from a few sources like CM, AOKP, and Paranoid Android.

The ROM also includes features like Per app DPI, Per app Tablet UI, OTA updates which makes the ROM stand no behind the other ROMs.

This Special Android Customized rom is available for the Following Smart phones
– Galaxy Nexus Meguro
– Nexus 4
– Nexus 7
– Galaxy Note 2 N7100
– Galaxy Note 2 L900
– Galaxy Note 2  i605
– Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100
– Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100G
– Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300
– Samsung Galaxy S3 I747
– Samsung Galaxy S3 T999
– Samsung Galaxy S3 I535

Vanilla RootBox is built straight from Special RootBox sources and always carries a very light installation with no extra/useless apps. This Simply means, you can enjoy a pure Android experience combined with AOKP/CM features and some CM cherry-picks. Please always Keep in mind Jelly Bean is only at the beginning stage of development and there will be minor bugs.

Every RootBox releases are stable and always up to the challenge for a daily usage. users of this Android Rom have it a high standard when it comes to releases and this is why this project always meets the expectations of users. If you’re wondering how this ROM differs from any other AOKP roms out there, We only have one thing to say: Please Choose this application for to meet your requirements.

Carbon ROM

Carbon Android ROM

 One of the most Impressive and great Cusotmized rom is known as CarbonRom is ranked very good everywhere.

Basically it is a new ROM that is of course an aftermarket firmware based on Android 4.2.2 from AOSP. this rom provides a customized effect to its users who are loving ti and with its some special features of are: PIE, It provides  you an Unofficial Voodoo sound support, a lot of awesome  lock screen options, this Special Android Customized Rom also includes Chronus Clock widget (from CyanogenMod), very customizable hardware and software keys, and much more which you will enjoy.

Here we are providing a large list of devices that can be Flashed with this ROM
– Samsung Galaxy S3 d2att
– Samsung Galaxy S3  d2spr
– Samsung Galaxy S3 d2tmo
– Samsung Galaxy S3 d2vzw
– Samsung Galaxy S3 d2usc
– Samsung Galaxy S3 d2mtr
– Samsung Galaxy S3 d2cri
– Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300
– Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (i605,
– Samsung Galaxy Note 2 i900
– Samsung Galaxy Note 2 t0lte
– Samsung Galaxy Note 2 n7100
– Samsung Galaxy Nexus maguro
– Samsung Galaxy Nexus toro
– Samsung Galaxy Nexus toroplus
– Samsung Galaxy Note International
– Samsung Galaxy S2 International
– Nexus 4
– HTC One X International
– HTC One S
– Nexus 7
– Nexus 10
– Samsung Infuse 4G

We recommend you if you are using any Smartphone from the above list you must try this Special and amazing Customized Rom.

Paranoid Android ROM

Paranoid ROM

 Paranoid Android has a unique feature which you will not really see in any other Android ROM: it has a special thing a hypid mode. it can scale any element of the UI as either smartphone, tablet or phablet mode. in this Rom it does not only scale UI but also any other application that can run in tablet or smartphone mode, it is irrespective of the effective DPI of the system.

Reasons why this Rom is very special and useful? Because it provides you the wonderfully high DPI of many modern smart phones, and also enables tablet mode which will let you see more stuff on the same screen, do not need to move or minimize your screens now you will get everything you want on the same screen.

Not end here, there is a lot of more. Paranoid Android ROM also provides you help to change the color schemes of applications according to your will, do anything with pretty much any UI element  and there’s even talk of a multi window feature in the works.

This Android customized Rom’s Performance is really very fast and incredible. 

Paranoid Android;s latest goody is Multi-window support for all apps. The team working behind Paranoid Android Rom have shared a post giving some early details regarding their implementation on Google+, along with a Demo video. While it is more of an overlay than having two apps sharing the screen like TouchWiz allows, it still allows foreground apps to stay in context while the user can do stuff like reply to Google Talk messages, and you can play with the Music app and much more .

The key element that users love the most about it is that any app can be used in the manner shown in the demo video available on its google plus page as long as it has the Intent. FLAG_ACTIVITY_MULTI_WINDOW flag set in the Manifest file. The Paranoid Android  team has also been clear that this is still an early stage prototype, and that they are trying to ensure they get the implementation right. Always working to sort all bugs.


AOKP Android ROM

AOKP a well known name of a mature custom Rom, full form of AOKP is Android Open Kang Project, which is one of the most mature ROMs. This ROm has a good list of devices that are supported, but more importantly, it’s a wonderful ROM for the modding virgin.

Lets think out of the box , This impressive customized Rom Behaves totaly like the stock Android. In this special Rom all the changes are hidden within its ‘ROM Control’ featured option  in Settings menu; and the rest of the Settings menu, usually it is a bit of complicated minefield in custom Android ROMs, which exactly like stock android . Within this special menu, you will get the normal array of alternative options.

Where this Rom will allows you can change any theme according to your will, you can set your own notification toggles, Special status bar, an there are a lot of other special features and pretty much anything to be totally honest. The performance is fairly great and just like on equivalence with stock Android.

It is a lightweight application  which provides you very quick and very easy access to all things AOKP. Everything you will find out is very special and it is designed according to the will and feedback of the users. who are loving it, its team is always updating this application on regular basis and for the same reason this application is one of the most impressive and fastest Customized Rom Application in its market. Other than the fact that it gives you warm fuzzies for supporting a team that works really hard to deliver.

Slim Bean Rom

slim bean App

Slim Bean a name of new revolution in the customized Rom’s generation. Just like its name what it presents, it is the best, amazing and wonderful light weight Android Custom and it is all about cleanness.

This wonderful android Rom has a close a lot of special features and it is capable to lead on all the customized rom in the Android market, it is the first choice of all users who wants to use a customized Rom, This Rom’s interface is a quite similar to stock android but with a numerous of the exceptional features, like this special Android Rom has a customizable feature of its notification  drawer icons, it has its own defined and unique profiles, the works and a lot of others. Its be prominent feature, even if, is ‘The Real Dark Slim’, it has a special one-touch mode that the the best colours inverter for entire OS. In this Rom you will notice the Google in black color which is simply great.

it is one of the top ranked and best Custom Rom if we evaluate it Performance wise, It is much better and very good in performance. We tested this Rom on Two devices  which are (Galaxy Note II  & Nexus 4) and found it awesome, performance was as cool as you’d expect. With this Rom its Battery life is really quite good; Slim Bean has its own kernel which is very helpful to it with the power management.

It is a best partner as a long term ROM to use, it’s also got the benefit of a comprehensive update centre, which always help you to stay update with the latest version of this amazing rom.

Overall, it’s not the most insightful Android Customized ROM in the world, but it is very unique because of its versatility . If you’re want to invest few hours of your life in the settings menu, and are the sort who likes to have his device ‘just so’, Slim Bean should be your only choice to serve you.