Bose Bluetooth Headset series 2


 Bose Bluetooth Headset series is one of the best and useful accessory  for all phones, in one word, Awesome!! the users who purchased this Bluetooth always says Bose the best.

None of the other brands can compare to the Bose, easy to pair, easy to use. Most importantly From Airports to restaurants and everywhere in between, everyone users talk to can hear them very loud and clear and user can talk in a normal tone.

True to Bose tradition, the device comes packed in a nice compact black box with prominent Bose branding. Rip the box open and the contents are a handful. You get the headset along with three silicon tips to suit your ear size — small, medium and large. You also get a small carrying case for the device along with the manuals and a USB charger. The charger doesn’t fit in the carrying case.

Know how sometimes you’ll be walking down the street when you encounter a seemingly crazy person talking to themselves? And you think, “But you’re too well-dressed to be insane.” That’s when you see it — the Bluetooth headset tucked neatly around their ear. Well, Bose is adding a newer, high-end option for this well-heeled crowd of faux lunatics with its Bluetooth Headset Series 2. The luxe, over-ear attachment doesn’t discriminate as to your best side, coming in both right and left versions. There’s a whole load of hyperbolically-named proprietary tech bundled into it to reduce background noise and adjust listening levels accordingly — exactly the performance you’d expect at this $150 price point. Bose is offering this BT 2.1 headset now, so you can snag it if you’re nearby one of its boutiques. Or, make like the rest of us and order it online. Official PR with all its audio jargon after the break.