SlingShot It is a double duty and an extra ordinary accessory to your android phone which is very helpful to capture your videos and images and also provides you a cool effect when you are in some meeting or attending some lecture and want to capture the recording and you cannot use your hand so long this is the most important invention for such occasions.

Everybody always needs a secret weapon.  Smart people always use the SlingShot. It’s a stabilizing grip for your phone that also folds out into a tripod.
what is the best part of this special double duty slingshot, it is very flexible cradle holds any smartphone ever  from the new Android phones to the oldest Android (with or without a case too)!

Use the ball head mount to position your phone at almost any angle or unscrew the phone cradle from the grip to use it on a tripod you already own. Keep it all together and fold out the legs (they’re tucked away in the handle) into a tabletop tripod. Now that’s a multitasker!

With the SlingShot you can follow MacGyver’s lead and shoot stable video with a free hand to open a sealed safe containing deadly explosives. The slip-proof cradle holds on tight to your phone for those hard-to-get shots, like when you’re dangling over a cliff to save your partner.

Sony Erricson Smart Watch

Sony Erricson Smart Watch

It is really not good to check your phone consistntly when you are in your class room or you are attending some buisness meeting or if you are in some conversation with someone, obviously looks very  bad but now Sony erricsion has resolved your problem, they have a new wrist watch which is very helpful to you specially when you are in some business meeting, or in some discussion or anything else.

This watch is able to provide you latest texts, tweets, and facebook updates and it doesn’t ends here it is also able to provide you a lot of other things from you r smart phone. Get a watch that does more than tell time. Check updates, control your music and much more from your Androidâ„¢-compatible smartphone. Includes black and white wristbands.

Sport your SmartWatch with the included black rubber strap or try fastening it to whatever you’re wearing with the attached clip — it’s perfect for working out. Stick with the sleek, modernistic black band, or add an eye-catching pop of color with pink, mint, grey, white or blue (bands sold separately). Have a better idea? SmartWatch is compatible with most 0.79 wristbands leaving you free to create a look all your own.

Stylus Pen

stylus pen

A great thing for your android Smart phones tablets and phablets is Stylus pen, this is a very good Product for your phone which has a lot of special features.

It is Compatible with Capacitive Touch Screen, and also compatible with any android touch phone. Its Pen tip made with Speical silicon with high polymer abrasion-resistant coating,  Body Part made with harmless-material-plated brass to offer light weight and Smooth Grip Gives you Smooth Touch and incredible Abrasion Resistance.

Included Strap Plug Can be Plugged into the earpiece port of the smart phone’s Capability of attaching the Kuel H10 onto the android Smart phones, This product is designed by SGP and firstly Launched in California after some time with its great performance and helpful it spread its name with it and now people always wants this impressive product.

The stylus looks great. The weight and size are comparable to a good quality pen. The nib is very conductive and much more sensitive that others (that may or may not be a plus in your eyes).  It’s a big stylus just like a pen, and it feels great when I grip it. Also, it works very well even with the screen protector on.

We recommend you to start using this accessory and enjoy!!!

Google Glass

Google Glass

One of the most Important and Impressive product by google, is  known as Google Glass. Google started Glass to make people’s lives better by getting technology out of the way. But projects like +Kim Xu’s SMARTsign are a powerful reminder of how Explorers have taken Glass and are building incredible, life-changing tools and making the world a better place.

This Product is really incredible as it is adjustable and its nosepads and durable frame fits at any face, its High resolution display is the equivalent of a 25 inch high definition screen from eight feet away. It has 5MP of camera and able to capture 720p of video. Audio is Bone Conduction Transducer.

Able to connect with Wifi and Bluetooth, with 12GB of Memory after synced with Google Cloud Storage. with an extra ordinary bettery  which allows you to use full day with typical use but if you use video calls and video recording then it will be more battery intensive.

It is compatible with any phone able to connect with any Bluetooth phone. it is with android version 4.03 or higher.

We highly recommend you to please use this product and make your lives better.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch

Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch

 The Galaxy Gear a product by Samsung Galaxy, Samsung’s latest foray into the smart watch category, it is now official released and it’s quite unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Ofcourse, it’s your smart phone accessory that can pick up notifications, control music playback, and keep time with a rich variety of watch faces, but Samsung takes it a few steps further by integrating a 1.9-megapixel camera, a speaker, and two microphones which helps you clearly and allows you you to capture short 720p movies and even conduct phone calls with the Galaxy Gear Watch.

it is the most favorite gear accessory you ever seen. Most Importantly, this Galaxy Gear is not a smart phone in its own right it relies on a Bluetooth connection to your Smartphone “Samsung Galaxy” device in order to do most of its connected work.

When it goes on sale later this month, the Gear will be compatible with the freshly announced Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition, while software updates for the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III, and Galaxy Note II are in the works to introduce compatibility there as well. That new software should begin rolling out very soon, depending on local carriers. Given that Samsung’s new Galaxy slates run Android 4.3, which supports the Bluetooth Low Energy standard, Samsung may well have just tipped its hand about when it intends to distribute the 4.3 upgrade to its older Galaxy handsets.

We would like to recommend you to purchase this gear and enjoy!!!



 Clever adapter connects USB accessories to your Android device, With an inexpensive USB OTG adapter, you can connect things like keyboards, USB hard drives, and even gaming controllers to your Android phone or tablet.
With the Andorid smart phone  Camera Connection Kit allowing users to connect a variety of unexpected USB devices  like a MIDI keyboard to their iPads, the next logical question was, Is there something similar for Android?
Although it’s not advertised or sold by any of the big Android phone manufacturers, the solution is a cheap cable called a USB On-The-Go adapter.
USB On-The-Go, or USB OTG, is essentially a female USB port that plugs into the Micro-USB port of a phone or tablet, allowing you to connect devices that use a standard USB 2.0 or 3.0 connection. In a nutshell, the adapter allows the Android device to be a “USB host,” powering and communicating with the connected device.
With the help of this crowd sourced chart, and some of our own testing, we found that the following devices are compatible with USB OTG:
Samsung Galaxy S II (S2)
Samsung Galaxy S III (S3)
Galaxy Nexus*
Nexus 7*
Droid RAZR
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Acer Iconia Tab A200
Acer Iconia Tab A500
Archos G9
Notion Ink Adam
Motorola Xoom
Toshiba Excite 10
Sony Tablet S

Use this clever adopter  and enjoy!!!

SanDisk 64GB microSD


 SanDisk has intoduced its new product in their popular line of microSD cards, and this product is known as the SanDisk Extreme microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-I cards.

This high Speed Micro SD Card is Designed for users who need fast storage for their smart phone, tablet or camera, the new Scan disk microSD cards offer read and write speeds that are perfect for taking multi-shot high resolution pictures, as well as full HD high frame rate video.

In SanDisk’s testing, the 64GB model reached read speeds of 80MB/second, and write speeds of 50MB/second. Speeds like this allow you to do things like take more shots in a row using your camera’s burst mode, or take beautiful high-quality HD video. Of course, file transfer speeds are also greatly increased, letting you copy those images and videos, or music or ROMs from your computer even faster.

Ultra-fast, high capacity microSD cards are a perfect match for Android phones that support removable storage. Stuart Robinson, director of handset component technologies service at Strategy Analytics puts it succinctly.

We know you all like big, fast SD cards, and this one looks like a winner. To be sure, we had SanDisk send us the 64GB SDXC model and I’m going to see if it lives up to the hype. We’ll run it through the benchmarks, but also try it in real-world situations like in an Android phone, a computer, and a DSLR. Look for the results soon! In the meantime, the full press release is after the break. Read through it, and discuss.

Scandisk has introduced world’s best and fastest microSD card  with 64GB of space. Just start using this and enjoy.

Bose Bluetooth Headset series 2


 Bose Bluetooth Headset series is one of the best and useful accessory  for all phones, in one word, Awesome!! the users who purchased this Bluetooth always says Bose the best.

None of the other brands can compare to the Bose, easy to pair, easy to use. Most importantly From Airports to restaurants and everywhere in between, everyone users talk to can hear them very loud and clear and user can talk in a normal tone.

True to Bose tradition, the device comes packed in a nice compact black box with prominent Bose branding. Rip the box open and the contents are a handful. You get the headset along with three silicon tips to suit your ear size — small, medium and large. You also get a small carrying case for the device along with the manuals and a USB charger. The charger doesn’t fit in the carrying case.

Know how sometimes you’ll be walking down the street when you encounter a seemingly crazy person talking to themselves? And you think, “But you’re too well-dressed to be insane.” That’s when you see it — the Bluetooth headset tucked neatly around their ear. Well, Bose is adding a newer, high-end option for this well-heeled crowd of faux lunatics with its Bluetooth Headset Series 2. The luxe, over-ear attachment doesn’t discriminate as to your best side, coming in both right and left versions. There’s a whole load of hyperbolically-named proprietary tech bundled into it to reduce background noise and adjust listening levels accordingly — exactly the performance you’d expect at this $150 price point. Bose is offering this BT 2.1 headset now, so you can snag it if you’re nearby one of its boutiques. Or, make like the rest of us and order it online. Official PR with all its audio jargon after the break.

Square Card Reader

square card reader
 If you Talk about the Top android Accessories Square Card Reader  is one of the best and must have android smart phone accessory,

No, not everyone needs a way to handle credit card payments while on the go. But, if you do, Square is the only best accessory which provides an excellent solution to your problem. Now a day’s mobile payment systems are developing rapidly, but they’re not perfect yet. And even when the systems are ready to go, there will still be plenty of people who don’t have compatible mobile devices for payments.

Here with this accessory Square provides a simple solution with a device that plugs directly into your phone. Simply set your price, scan a credit card through this handy little gadget, and you’re good to go. Square charges 2.75% per transaction, but there are no hidden fees. If you run a business – check, if you want to have a yard sale – the Square Card Reader is a great solution for your business.

This accessory is capable to accept credit cards and run your business anywhere with Square.
Square’s free card reader, free point of sale tools, and simple pricing make it easy for you to run your business from your pocket. Funds from swiped payments are deposited into your bank account in 1-2 business days.

its software also provides you to track your sale and purchase history your bank accounts and desposits and  a lot of more things.

BlueAnt S3 Handsfree bluetooth car kit and Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE

BlueAnt S3 Handsfree bluetooth car kit does not work with Samsung S2

As many of you, we had a BlueAnt S3 Handsfree bluetooth car kit which we used to connect to our Google Nexus one phone. The BlueAnt S3 Handsfree car kit worked great for us for over 2 years with the Google Nexus One & was purchased for a very descent price. Though to our surprise when we tried to connect it to our Samsunge Galaxy S2 LTE phone which we just purchased few days back, it did not totally work out for us.

The devices pair and music could play through the BlueAnt S3 Handsfree car kit, but phone calls & VOIP calls does not play through the speaker. We were disappointed, but we had just take off our BlueAnt S3 Handfree car kit and hit the market for a new kit that work with the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE as this kit firmware is not upgradable.

Although the BlueAnt S3 Handsfree car kit did not work with the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE, we still suspect you probably get get the newer BlueAnt S4 Handsfree car kit to work for you specially it has an upgradable firmware.

We thought we will post this info here, in case you have got the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE at the moment and considering to buy a BlueAnt S3 Handsfree car kit to save few bucks as its cheaper than the S4 and most other kits in the market.

I guess you have to shed the few bucks this time and try something else.

Hope this have been helpful, & if you were able to get it to work please let us know in the comment area below with a description of what you did to make it work.

By the way the video at the end of this article show both the S3 & S4, but you would need to get the S4 if you are trying to connect to the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE though we have not tried that yet though you have much more chance of getting it to work rather than the S3.