WiCall VoIP Calling

WiCall VoIP Calling

One of the cheapest VOIP SERVICE on the android market is now available and it is known as “WiCall”, WiCall is one of the best application that provides you incredibly cheap mobile calls, you won’t even believe that WiCall’s call rates for user’s long distance or international calls are very cheap they are cheaper than any other VOIP calling application like if you can through SKYPE out, WiCall provides you the call rate even cheaper than Skype.

WiCall it is a service which helps you to make VOIP calls by using your WIFI or 3G / 4G networks with a combination to your android phone or honeycomb tablet. Mobile VoIP Viber and other VOIP applications has never been that easy all of us really hate Skype & calling cards it feels uncomfortable to scratch a calling card for every one or two long distance call. but WiCall is very simple and easy to use it is basically a prepaid mobile wireless telephone service with no contract, no plan, to go with this application service you do not need to scratch any kind of calling cards or anything else, we won’t charge you any kind of maintenance fee or connection fee and your credit will not last for one year.

Whenever you receive an incoming or you dial any outgoing call, Wicall bypasses your regular carrier and make a VOIP calls by using your WIFI (3G or 4G) network no matter where are you located it will connect you to the call at your home, at your office, if you are an hotel room etc it wont charge you any more roaming fees with your phone or honey comb tablet.

Many other VOIP applications such as Fring, Nimbuzz, Viber, skype users are now using our wonderful service to make cheap VOIP calls. WiCall calling is based on CSipSimple and is licensed under GNU GPL v3.

Enjoy the application!!!

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