Viber Voip App on Android

Viber Voip on Android

Viber is the best Android VOIP available today. Actually its powerful enough that Android phones which had a problem running it could be losing share in the market at a blink. An example of how influential its, our team has return the Motorola Droid RAZR & one of the main reasons it was not yet compatible with Viber for Android. For phones compatibilities you might want to check Viber for Android Compatibility list at: Android Devices compatible with Viber (system requirements).

So how does Viber for Android work? & what make Viber for Android so powerful?

As soon you install Viber it go through your contact list and check if any of your contacts is already using Viber if they do, then it will add them to your list. As well you get the option to let everyone on your phone contact list(who use Viber) know that you started using Viber for Android. This means just after few seconds of installing Viber for Android, you have already a cumber some of contact that you can start talking and messaging for free. Most likely these are the same people you usually waste your phone minutes and SMS to speak with.

As Viber for Android is free to download, install, & unlimited usage your saving on calls to other Viber users can be huge. If your friends do not have it and they have an Android/iPhone smart phone, you can invite them to install it and as soon they do you all can save on minutes & messaging. Many people have even been using it to speak to their families across the country or overseas and enjoy a crystal clear calls without any cost associated with it. Using Viber for Android will make your pockets love you, but your phone providers will hate you as you will be cutting deep into their profits. As its always on your smart phone & handy, its not trouble to make that long distance call using VOIP any more.

Further, Viber for Android integrate very well with your Android Phone. As mentioned earlier it loads the list of your contacts that have Viber installed, but that is not all. When ever you are dialing a person from your Android Handset, you will always be prompted if you want to place this call using Viber. This reminder is quite cool, as it will get you used to using Viber free call over using your normal cell providers minutes to place the call and getting you to save right away. Further, Viber messages integrate with your phone that when you receive a message you can reply without even having to unlock your phone or go and look for the Viber application. The way Viber for Android integrate with your Android phone is really fascinating and will get you used to in no time.

One large plus to Viber is that its available on iPhone as well so you can still call your iPhone friends using Viber without any compromise. Who of us does not have a friend who has an iPhone these days. Its really convenient that Viber is available across platform(Android & iPhone) as that will make no one feel left out & will easy the transition to it.

At last, you might want to check the Video below as well the Viber screen shots on the right side.

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