Truephone for VoIP Calls

Truephone for VoIP Calls

Truphone gives you FREE Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi calls, IM, Twitter and fantastic international call rates to any mobile or landline.

There is no contracts and free call credit to get started!

FREE Wi-Fi VoIP calls to Truphone, Skype & Google Talk
IM to Skype, Yahoo!, Google Talk & MSN

Droid NOT compatible

Truphone for Android allows customers to take advantage of lowinternational call rates, plus the cost of a local call. Truphonecustomers can also easily instant message their friends across avariety of networks including MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk and Twitter fromwithin one Android application.

Whats new in this version?

  • More Twitter tools
  • Simple set-up process

App features include:

  • Free Wi-Fi calls to Truphone, Skype or Google Talk users
  • Low-cost calls over Wi-Fi
  • Low-cost international calls without Wi-Fi
  • Fantastic call quality
  • Instant messaging to Skype, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo! and AIM
  • Full Twitter functionality
  • Free to download!

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