True Budget Freedom to Spend

true budget freedom to spend

The most popular android application, what can I safely spend right now? Find out the easy way with True-Budget, the easiest and most powerful budget app around. Drop your cashbook and your expense-tracker app and try it now!

With True-Budget, you know exactly what you can spend, so you make smarter spending decisions. You won’t run out of cash any more, and bouncing checks and late fees are history.
Steps to work on.
–  Enter your current balance
–  Find out how much you can spend today
–  Never worry about running out of money again

its True-Budget asks you for today’s balance, and in return it gives you a future-proof daily budget. It also shows you what expenses are coming up soon, and counts the days to your next income. If you are done with tracking all your expenses and incomes, then True-Budget is the app for you. After a one-time setup, all you need to enter is today’s balance. True-Budget does not connect to your bank account, so all banks are good. The only data True-Budget needs is your recurring incomes and expenses. You only enter those once.

True-Budget helps you look ahead, not backward: it calculates where your balance is headed, and translates it into a budget for today. Mint and PocketSmith are two major online apps that allow you to upload and categorize your expenses. Mint also has a mobile version called Personal Finance. There are many of those for Android. Solid ones are EasyMoney, Easy Envelope, Expense Manager, Money Lover, and Cashbook. These apps allow you to enter your expenses, so that you can keep track of them.

Keeping track of your expenses teaches you about the past. We believe that the easiest and most powerful way to stay in control is to make smart decisions for today and tomorrow.

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