Top 10 Voice Over IP Android APPs

Android have hundreds of Voice over IPs Applications out there, but about 10 of them is almost what being used by 90% of all Android users. Here we will be discussing the top 10 VOIP Android applications for you to try. If you are a new Android user & looking for a good Voice Over IP Application to run on your Android Phone or tablet then list is definitely for you. If you are a seasoned Android user and thing you already using the best Android VOIP Application out there, then this list can give you few more ideas to try.

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SipDroid is one of the best SIP/VoIP application for Android mobiles. It fully integrate your SIP account of your VOIP of choice with your Android Dialer. What we really loved about Sipdroid that it does not lock you to a specific service provider and that you can connect it to any VOIP Service Provider that provide you with their SIP info. Further, you can even connect it to your office SIP and use it as a wireless phone as you room in the office. Definitely worth a shot! For more information on Sipdroid please check out our: Sipdroid Entry


Viber is the best Android VOIP available today. Actually its powerful enough that Android phones which had a problem running it could be losing share in the market at a blink. An example of how influential its, our team a bit over a year back has returned the Motorola Droid RAZR & one of the main reasons it was not yet compatible with Viber for Android. Viber allow you to voice chat as well send free text messages to people in your mobile contacts who is using Viber as well.

The nice part about it that it requires no user name or password and you don’t need to search for your friends handles as you always did in applications like MSN or Skype. As long you have your friend phone number into your mobile contact list, they are added to your Viber contact list as soon they install Viber on their device. Another thing that we like about Viber that it works across multiple platforms including Android, iPhone, Windows Mobiles, Black Berry, Nokia, & Windows machines so you still can communicate with your friends no matter what device they choose to own. Hopefully they will switch to Android Device one day when they find out about how powerful its. For more information on Viber please check out: Viber for Android free calls text messages

Line 2

Line2 is a popular voip android application by Toktumi, Inc. Beyond thrilled to Introduce the new version of LINE2 for android. LINE2 for android has been completely rebuilt and based upon the long awaited feature requests and state of the best art technologies. LINE2 has the ability to maximize the potential of users favorite android devices, it is fully customizable and fully powered mobile communication tool. For more information on Line 2 please check out our: Line 2 Entry

Voxofon Call Abroad

Voxofon Call Abroad is a real cost saver for anybody calling or texting abroad, with international rates from 1.3 c/min and 6 c/sms. Works seamlessly with your phone – place calls as usual using phone’s Dialer or Contacts. For more information on Voxofon Call Abroad please check out: Voxofon Call Abroad


Fring another popluar VOIP application is now in the market, , It allows you to send text messages, Group calls, Video call for abolutely free. You can make Group calls upto four people at the same time. it is a great application for catching up with family and friends or planning events. For more information on Fring please check out: Fring Entry

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