Three reasons why I did not buy the Google Pixel 5

I have been an avid fan of stock Android phones since the Nexus One. I still have my nexus one with my name engraved on the back of it. I have owned several Nexus phones followed by the Pixel one and Pixel 3. I was the perfect candidate for the Google Pixel 5 and to be honest I was looking forward to it as I needed to refresh my phone.

Unfortunately, Google had decided to disappoint this time, and below I will share the main three reasons that had killed my interest in the Pixel 5 and caused me to buy the Samsung S21 Ultra which I will review later in detail. I hope Google will be reading this, and address these drawbacks in future releases.

Google Pixel 5 Maximum Storage capacity is limited to 128GB. 

Google Pixel 5 Limited to a single Storage configuration of 128GB

Limiting the storage capacity of the Pixel 5 phone at 128GB had been The Reason I decided that I need to find a different phone. I might have tolerated the other two issues if there was a 512GB option for the Pixel 5. I might have even survived with a 256GB option, but limiting it to 128GB had killed it for me. 

As Google is pushing to kill the unlimited online storage offer and my Pixel 3 128GB was getting out of disk, buying a new 128GB phone with no expandable storage did not seem to make any sense. Google please offer a larger disk configuration, as people need it! Data is king these days and people would like to keep their videos and photos!! Offer a higher disk capacity like other vendors even if you leave the basic config at 128GB!! Many of us are willing to pay extra for a higher disk capacity config. You are losing customers for a problem that is very easy to fix.

  Google Pixel 5 had no expandable storage SD slot 

Alright! Alright! Before you jump on me, I know that neither Apple nor Samsung are offering expandable Storage SD slots on their flagship phones. They have though made up for it by providing larger storage configuration options on their phones with both offering 256GB and even 512GB options. Google please fix your storage capacity issue on your flagship phones!

Google Pixel 5 is targeted only to the Mid-range market. 

With the release of the Pixel 5, Google had decided to ditch their high-end devices customers and unlike with their previous generation of the Pixel phones, they did not release a high-end version. They have released only a mid-range device targeted toward the larger sector of the market. 

This had been a disappointment to many like me who was looking forward and expecting a high-end device from Google. Google, I hope you can think again about the high-end devices market as there are many like me out there!!!

Hope you find this article useful. Please share the article if you find it useful. Please share your opinion in the comment below. Are you going to buy or did you buy the Google Pixel phone? Is any of the problems I had with the Google Pixel impacting your decision? Do you think Google should change how they are going about their Pixel devices in the future?

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