Swype the Android keyboard alternative Beta Unofficially Available For Motorola Droid

It seems finally someone is trying to address the typing speed on touchscreen devices, where the on screen keyboard get to be your main method of typing. Most smart phone users know that they are normally slower in typing on the screen than when using a physical keyboard. Swype is now offering an on screen alternative to Android keyboard that will speed up the typing process.

Android Swype Image

Swype will increase your typing speed by not having you to tap letter-by-letter rather you will swipe your finger through the letters of the desired word. You don’t have to be too accurate as well, as Swype is smart enough to detect the word you meant, else it will give you alternatives to the words it doubt. After getting used to Swype, our testers were able to type at least twice as fast when compared to the normal android keyboard & that is with the unofficially released demo of Swype.

I believe Swype on Android can give iPhone another challenge against the great Android. The importance of faster typing is daily increasing specially with more applications imported to the smart phones that require more typing (Ex: e-mail, instant messaging, & social networking). I wonder how iPhone will respond to Swype on Android. Will iPhone fans accept being slower users than Android!!!

Its worth to mention that no official release of Swype on Android have been made yet, but the beta code has been leaked & can be found at (use at your own risk): Android Swype Beta Download Link Below as well the installation instructions of the Android Swype Beta.

  1.  E-mail the download link to your self http://droidmuff.in/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/SwypeReference-WVGA854-trial-release.0.35.3959.apk Or just type it in your android mobile browser & wait for the download to finish.
  2. From the Download history screen, tap SwypeReference-WVGA854-trial-release.0.35.3959.apk, then tap install.  Note: If you get an error, you need to go to Settings, then Applications and enable Unknown Sources.
  3. After Swype has installed, Go to Settings, then Language & Keyboard.  Uncheck Android keyboard and check Swype.

Happy faster typing & don’t forget to check out the below Swype video:

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