Stylus Pen

stylus pen

A great thing for your android Smart phones tablets and phablets is Stylus pen, this is a very good Product for your phone which has a lot of special features.

It is Compatible with Capacitive Touch Screen, and also compatible with any android touch phone. Its Pen tip made with Speical silicon with high polymer abrasion-resistant coating,  Body Part made with harmless-material-plated brass to offer light weight and Smooth Grip Gives you Smooth Touch and incredible Abrasion Resistance.

Included Strap Plug Can be Plugged into the earpiece port of the smart phone’s Capability of attaching the Kuel H10 onto the android Smart phones, This product is designed by SGP and firstly Launched in California after some time with its great performance and helpful it spread its name with it and now people always wants this impressive product.

The stylus looks great. The weight and size are comparable to a good quality pen. The nib is very conductive and much more sensitive that others (that may or may not be a plus in your eyes).  It’s a big stylus just like a pen, and it feels great when I grip it. Also, it works very well even with the screen protector on.

We recommend you to start using this accessory and enjoy!!!

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