SMS Sending error with Samsung S2 on Rogers LTE

While using the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE on Rogers LTE network here in Canada (Toronto/Ontario), we seems to have a problem sending SMS. Each time we send an SMS we got a “failed” error posted right behind the message. The error is showing in the error screenshot on the side.

OK, after toying around for a while I have discovered that switching back to either 4G or 3G will resolve the problem. You can do that by following the below steps:

1- Go to Setting
2- Click on “Wireless and network”
3- Scroll down and go to “Mobile Networks”
4- Go to “Network Mode”
5- Change it to¬† “GSM/HSPA(Auto mode)” from the default which is “GSM/HSPA/LTE(Auto Mode)”

I know what you are thinking, you area already paying an extra 10-20 dollar to get on the LTE network & now I am telling you to switch it off if you want to send SMS. Well, some time reality is so painful & this is one of these cases. I have visited Rogers office & called support and said we have just to wait till their new LTE network is really ready. I guess we will be paying for them to fix & test their system!! Time to screem “YOUR LTE SUCKS. YOU HAVE MADE US WAIT FOR TOO LONG AND YOU STILL NOT READY!!!!!”

Your next step: Go to your Rogers or call them and complain about it!!!!

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