SlingShot It is a double duty and an extra ordinary accessory to your android phone which is very helpful to capture your videos and images and also provides you a cool effect when you are in some meeting or attending some lecture and want to capture the recording and you cannot use your hand so long this is the most important invention for such occasions.

Everybody always needs a secret weapon.  Smart people always use the SlingShot. It’s a stabilizing grip for your phone that also folds out into a tripod.
what is the best part of this special double duty slingshot, it is very flexible cradle holds any smartphone ever  from the new Android phones to the oldest Android (with or without a case too)!

Use the ball head mount to position your phone at almost any angle or unscrew the phone cradle from the grip to use it on a tripod you already own. Keep it all together and fold out the legs (they’re tucked away in the handle) into a tabletop tripod. Now that’s a multitasker!

With the SlingShot you can follow MacGyver’s lead and shoot stable video with a free hand to open a sealed safe containing deadly explosives. The slip-proof cradle holds on tight to your phone for those hard-to-get shots, like when you’re dangling over a cliff to save your partner.

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