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slim bean App

Slim Bean a name of new revolution in the customized Rom’s generation. Just like its name what it presents, it is the best, amazing and wonderful light weight Android Custom and it is all about cleanness.

This wonderful android Rom has a close a lot of special features and it is capable to lead on all the customized rom in the Android market, it is the first choice of all users who wants to use a customized Rom, This Rom’s interface is a quite similar to stock android but with a numerous of the exceptional features, like this special Android Rom has a customizable feature of its notification  drawer icons, it has its own defined and unique profiles, the works and a lot of others. Its be prominent feature, even if, is ‘The Real Dark Slim’, it has a special one-touch mode that the the best colours inverter for entire OS. In this Rom you will notice the Google in black color which is simply great.

it is one of the top ranked and best Custom Rom if we evaluate it Performance wise, It is much better and very good in performance. We tested this Rom on Two devices  which are (Galaxy Note II  & Nexus 4) and found it awesome, performance was as cool as you’d expect. With this Rom its Battery life is really quite good; Slim Bean has its own kernel which is very helpful to it with the power management.

It is a best partner as a long term ROM to use, it’s also got the benefit of a comprehensive update centre, which always help you to stay update with the latest version of this amazing rom.

Overall, it’s not the most insightful Android Customized ROM in the world, but it is very unique because of its versatility . If you’re want to invest few hours of your life in the settings menu, and are the sort who likes to have his device ‘just so’, Slim Bean should be your only choice to serve you.

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