Skype lite for Android

Skype lite for Android

Skype (the company behind the worlds most popular online voice communication tool) also has a lite version of Skype, a thin client for Skype, that can be downloaded on Android-powered devices and more than 100 other Java-enabled mobile phones.

This not only allows users to make and receive Skype-to-Skype calls to other Skype users anywhere in the world, but also send and receive instant messages to and from individuals or groups. In addition, it also allows users to see when their Skype contacts are online and available to chat.

The lite version of Skype works wherever your mobile phone works,without requiring a WiFi connection. It uses local air time and a mobile internet connection, so you need to have both a calling plan and a data plan as part of your mobile phone contract to use it. Ina ddition to new Android handsets, this product also works on more than 100 of the most popular Java-enabled phones.

Skype lite is available globally for free, with the ability to make Skype-to-Skype calls and low cost calls to land lines and mobiles abroad currently available in ten countries: the United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Brazil (Rio and Sao Paolo), Sweden,Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Australia and New Zealand.

Put Skype Lite Beta on your Android phone

Local rate Skype-to-Skype calls
Call from anywhere* WiFi or 3G not required
Send and receive instant messages from your mobile
Save money calling landlines and mobiles abroad

*Calling unavailable in some countries. Please visit for more info

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