Shop Savvy

ShopSavvy informs the shopper. It bridges the gap between shopping online and shopping at the store. With ShopSavvy users can scan the bar code of any product using their phone built-in camera. Once scanned, it will search for all the best prices on the internet.

New in 3.6
– QR code support
– Force close bug fix
– New UI (icons and logo)

ShopSavvy has formerly been known as GoCart. ShopSavvy wonGoogles Android Developer Challenge. ShopSavvy is not just your normal shopping assistant, but it help you get the best deals on your shopping.

You can easily scan the barcode of any product using your Android phone built-in camera. Once scanned, ShopSavvy will search for the best prices online and through the inventories of nearby, local stores using the phones built-in GPS.

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