Scydo VoIP App for Android

Scydo is the name of one of the best VOIP application which allows you to connect you with your friends and family your colleagues your loved ones for free, there is no restriction of distance how far you are from your loved ones. Scydo Provides you a best option to make calls for free to any android and IPhone users. there is no specific requirement to be a Scydo user if you have any android or IPhone you can make calls  at no cost.

Scydo application helps you to make calls worldwide for free just need  the Scydo application installed on your friend’s of relative’s phone and you can make calls as long as you can. Scydo offers a straight peer-to-peer calls that is why any calls you make to your Scydo contacts by using our special Scydo VOIP out service will be free of cost.

Scydo provides you a user friendly platform to use the application it doesn’t require any usernames and emails what you need is just a phone number of your friend and he must be a Scydo user and that is all!!!

You do not need to create or modify any special contact list or group to filter your contacts it will help you to choose all of your scydo contacts and you will contact your friends very easily. with its great sound quality! Scydo has access to all best networks and services and this is the reason this application beats out the quality of all other regular phone providers.

Please note we are very strict to our customers privacy we do not use any of your contact details or contact list for any advertising purposes nor do we share our respective customer’s details with any third party.

Now switch to Scydo for absolutely free and make free android and Iphone calls.

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