SanDisk 64GB microSD


 SanDisk has intoduced its new product in their popular line of microSD cards, and this product is known as the SanDisk Extreme microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-I cards.

This high Speed Micro SD Card is Designed for users who need fast storage for their smart phone, tablet or camera, the new Scan disk microSD cards offer read and write speeds that are perfect for taking multi-shot high resolution pictures, as well as full HD high frame rate video.

In SanDisk’s testing, the 64GB model reached read speeds of 80MB/second, and write speeds of 50MB/second. Speeds like this allow you to do things like take more shots in a row using your camera’s burst mode, or take beautiful high-quality HD video. Of course, file transfer speeds are also greatly increased, letting you copy those images and videos, or music or ROMs from your computer even faster.

Ultra-fast, high capacity microSD cards are a perfect match for Android phones that support removable storage. Stuart Robinson, director of handset component technologies service at Strategy Analytics puts it succinctly.

We know you all like big, fast SD cards, and this one looks like a winner. To be sure, we had SanDisk send us the 64GB SDXC model and I’m going to see if it lives up to the hype. We’ll run it through the benchmarks, but also try it in real-world situations like in an Android phone, a computer, and a DSLR. Look for the results soon! In the meantime, the full press release is after the break. Read through it, and discuss.

Scandisk has introduced world’s best and fastest microSD card  with 64GB of space. Just start using this and enjoy.

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