Paranoid Android ROM

Paranoid ROM

 Paranoid Android has a unique feature which you will not really see in any other Android ROM: it has a special thing a hypid mode. it can scale any element of the UI as either smartphone, tablet or phablet mode. in this Rom it does not only scale UI but also any other application that can run in tablet or smartphone mode, it is irrespective of the effective DPI of the system.

Reasons why this Rom is very special and useful? Because it provides you the wonderfully high DPI of many modern smart phones, and also enables tablet mode which will let you see more stuff on the same screen, do not need to move or minimize your screens now you will get everything you want on the same screen.

Not end here, there is a lot of more. Paranoid Android ROM also provides you help to change the color schemes of applications according to your will, do anything with pretty much any UI element  and there’s even talk of a multi window feature in the works.

This Android customized Rom’s Performance is really very fast and incredible. 

Paranoid Android;s latest goody is Multi-window support for all apps. The team working behind Paranoid Android Rom have shared a post giving some early details regarding their implementation on Google+, along with a Demo video. While it is more of an overlay than having two apps sharing the screen like TouchWiz allows, it still allows foreground apps to stay in context while the user can do stuff like reply to Google Talk messages, and you can play with the Music app and much more .

The key element that users love the most about it is that any app can be used in the manner shown in the demo video available on its google plus page as long as it has the Intent. FLAG_ACTIVITY_MULTI_WINDOW flag set in the Manifest file. The Paranoid Android  team has also been clear that this is still an early stage prototype, and that they are trying to ensure they get the implementation right. Always working to sort all bugs.

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