Top 10 Voice Over IP Android APPs

Android have hundreds of Voice over IPs Applications out there, but about 10 of them is almost what being used by 90% of all Android users. Here we will be discussing the top 10 VOIP Android applications for you to try. If you are a new Android user & looking for a good Voice Over IP Application to run on your Android Phone or tablet then list is definitely for you. If you are a seasoned Android user and thing you already using the best Android VOIP Application out there, then this list can give you few more ideas to try.

Top 10 voice over IP android apps.jpg

SipDroid is one of the best SIP/VoIP application for Android mobiles. It fully integrate your SIP account of your VOIP of choice with your Android Dialer. What we really loved about Sipdroid that it does not lock you to a specific service provider and that you can connect it to any VOIP Service Provider that provide you with their SIP info. Further, you can even connect it to your office SIP and use it as a wireless phone as you room in the office. Definitely worth a shot! For more information on Sipdroid please check out our: Sipdroid Entry


Viber is the best Android VOIP available today. Actually its powerful enough that Android phones which had a problem running it could be losing share in the market at a blink. An example of how influential its, our team a bit over a year back has returned the Motorola Droid RAZR & one of the main reasons it was not yet compatible with Viber for Android. Viber allow you to voice chat as well send free text messages to people in your mobile contacts who is using Viber as well.

The nice part about it that it requires no user name or password and you don’t need to search for your friends handles as you always did in applications like MSN or Skype. As long you have your friend phone number into your mobile contact list, they are added to your Viber contact list as soon they install Viber on their device. Another thing that we like about Viber that it works across multiple platforms including Android, iPhone, Windows Mobiles, Black Berry, Nokia, & Windows machines so you still can communicate with your friends no matter what device they choose to own. Hopefully they will switch to Android Device one day when they find out about how powerful its. For more information on Viber please check out: Viber for Android free calls text messages

Line 2

Line2 is a popular voip android application by Toktumi, Inc. Beyond thrilled to Introduce the new version of LINE2 for android. LINE2 for android has been completely rebuilt and based upon the long awaited feature requests and state of the best art technologies. LINE2 has the ability to maximize the potential of users favorite android devices, it is fully customizable and fully powered mobile communication tool. For more information on Line 2 please check out our: Line 2 Entry

Voxofon Call Abroad

Voxofon Call Abroad is a real cost saver for anybody calling or texting abroad, with international rates from 1.3 c/min and 6 c/sms. Works seamlessly with your phone – place calls as usual using phone’s Dialer or Contacts. For more information on Voxofon Call Abroad please check out: Voxofon Call Abroad


Fring another popluar VOIP application is now in the market, , It allows you to send text messages, Group calls, Video call for abolutely free. You can make Group calls upto four people at the same time. it is a great application for catching up with family and friends or planning events. For more information on Fring please check out: Fring Entry

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5

Both Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5 smartphones are a few months old now, with each having their own followers. Some argue that Apple products only imply quality and that is demonstrated by the light-in-weight, attractive looking. There are also an equal number of Samsung Galaxy S3 fans who just love its customizable features, its long battery life and relatively affordable price.


Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are both quite popular. However if the price factor is taken into account, then Samsung Galaxy S3 is a bit cheaper than Apple iPhone 5. This is one of the reasons, why its sales have soared in recent months. Both these smart phones are definitely one of the best buys now. You can make your pick between the two, depending on your liking, its features and your budget.


Look & FeelComparison for Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Apple iPhone 5

If you are looking at both these smart phones objectively, then both phones are equally good in terms of their designing and built. Apple iPhone 5 is not much different from iPhone 4S in terms of its look. With aluminum casing, toughened glass at its top and bottom and less width (58.6mm). Apple iPhone 5 is also thinner and sleeker than its predecessor,which is a good improvement. The only major addition in the designing of iPhone5 is the new connector – Lightning port which has caused a lot of complains as many of the users iPhone 4/4S accessories are becoming irrelevant.



Unlike iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 has a plastic feel to it. However the plastic look is actually deceptive, as it is manufactured from superior quality materials including durable polycarbonate. With its exclusive Corning Gorilla Glass II on its front side, this smartphone is stunning and nearly indestructible. Samsung GalaxyS3 is however slightly wider than the more compact iPhone 5 with 70.6mm and a bit heavier (133 grams) than iPhone 5 (112 grams). Though there is a slight difference in weight, it is actually insignificant, as both these light-weight smart phones can be easily carried in your pocket.


The one point where Samsung Galaxy S3 has a slight edge over iPhone 5 is its availability in different colors. Samsung Galaxy S3 is available in 6 different colors, as opposed to the only two finishes of black and white that iPhone 5 offers.


Comparing Hardware for Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Apple iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S3 uses quad core processor, which is definitely better than the dual processor Apple A6 adopted by Apple iPhone 5. In terms of battery life, Samsung Galaxy S3 will through iPhone 5 out of balance. The camera of both these smart phones is first-rate. Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 offer 8 mega pixel cameras at their rear end. While the Panorama mode of iPhone 5 is intuitive and superb, the Smart Stay feature of Samsung Galaxy S3 is brilliant. However the Siri voice help in iPhone 5 is slightly less perfect than the S voice of Samsung in HD mode.



Interms of connectivity, iPhone 5 uses its proprietary lightning port for connectivity and only offers 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connections. Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other hand offers several connection choices with 3G, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct,4G, LTE and NFC connectivity.


Though both these smartphones offer application stores, settings menu, application lists, etc., there are considerable differences in iOS of iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 Android operating system. On the one hand, where iOS has a more locked propriety OS, Android Openness offers a number of features. In fact Samsung Galaxy S3 is packed with so many features, including an in-built task manager that your applications run smoothly in the background, without needing to open them again and again. With special features likes like microSD, 2 GB of RAM and NFC included, Samsung Galaxy S3 is definitely more worthy than iPhone 5 in this department.


Comparing Software for Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Apple iPhone 5

Interms of software, Apple iPhone 5 has not made any note worthy improvement than its predecessor. The only thing you can do is move your icons in the desired area and change your ringtones, home screen and backgrounds. Compared to iPhone5, Samsung Galaxy S3 has superior software. With 7 home screens, application icons, customizable widgets (you can also download them) and ringtones and flexibility to change or add animated backgrounds, these are a number of features that the Android offers.


The maps are another department that Apple iPhone 5 needs to improve on. Apple has tried to replace Google Maps with Apple Maps in iPhone 5. However this is turning out to be a disaster. With Samsung Galaxy S3 accessing Google docs, calendar,YouTube, Google Maps, Google search and other features of Google are not at all a problem.



Downloading games, videos and music is not at all a problem with both these smartphones. On the one hand where Apple play God in controlling what applications can be uploaded to their APP Store & installed on their devices, Samsung Galaxy S3 has a massive Android application store while being less restrictive on which applications can be added & what you can installed on your device. This is one point where the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a clear winner.


Samsung Galaxy S3:                                         Apple iPhone 5

Release Date: September 2012                       Release Date: May 2012

Operating System: Android                              Operating System: iOS

OS version: Android 4.1                                    OS version: iOS 6

Dimensions: 136.6×70.6×8.6 mm                    Dimensions: 123.8×58.6×7.6 mm

Weight: 133 grams                                             Weight: 112 grams

Screen Size: 4.8 inches                                      Screen Size: 4.0 inches

Display Resolution: 1280×720 pixels               Display Resolution: 1136×640 pixels

Camera (Rear): 8 megapixel                             Camera (Rear): 8 megapixel

Camera (Front): 1.9 megapixel                         Camera (Front): 1.2 megapixel

Battery (Standby): 830 hours                            Battery (Standby): 225 hours

Battery (Talktime): 22 hours                              Battery (Talktime): 8 hours

RAM: 1024MB, Quad Core processor              RAM: 1024MB, Dual Core processor


Summary for SamsungGalaxy S3 vs. Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 is much more compact, thin, fast and a bit taller in height. It also has a good display, battery life, audio-video capability and camera (best during daytime). Samsung Galaxy S3 too has a good design, camera, longer battery life and more applications. However, in totality Samsung Galaxy S3 has a much better hardware (more RAM and improved Battery life, CPU, and GPU),improved operating system, great software and easy access to Google. Coupled with lower price, Samsung Galaxy S3 definitely scores a few more points than Apple iPhone 5.

Upgrading your Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE to ICE Cream Sandwich

While Android 4.0 or as better known ICE Cream Sandwich have been introduced a while back with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, many of us were waiting the update to be rolled out to our existing mobiles including the great Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE which even had in opinion a better hardware than the one that came with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and many other devices that were delivered with the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android. The good news that wait is over for most of the Samsung Galaxy S2 device family and now you can receive your update either over the air or using Samsung Kies. In this article, I will share with you how to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy SII LTE to Android 4.0 to enjoy features that were strict on newer devices that came installed with it. Below are just a recap of the few features that you can gain by upgrading to Android 4.0:

Android Ice Cream Sandwich features:

    •    Improved camera app with zero shutter lag, time lapse settings, panorama mode, and the ability to zoom while recording
    •    Built-in photo editor
    •    New gallery layout, organized by location and person
    •   Improved copy and paste functionality
    •   Easier-to-create folders, with a drag-and-drop style

  •     •   Virtual buttons in the UI, in place of capacitive or physical buttons
        •    Pinch-to-zoom functionality in the calendar
        •    Integrated screenshot capture (accomplished by holding down the Power and Volume-Down buttons)

    •   Separation of widgets in a new tab, listed in a similar manner to apps
    •    A customizable launcher
    •    Improved visual voicemail with the ability to speed up or slow down voicemail messages
    •    Improved error correction on the keyboard
    •    Ability to access apps directly from lock screen
    •    Better voice integration and continuous, real-time speech to text dictation
    •    Face Unlock, a feature that allows users to unlock handsets using facial recognition software
    •    New tabbed web browser, allowing up to 16 tabs
    •    Automatic syncing of browser with users' Chrome bookmarks
    •    A new typeface family for the UI, Roboto
    •    Data Usage section in settings that lets users set warnings when they approach a certain usage limit, and disable data use when the limit is exceeded
    •    Ability to shut down apps that are using data in the background
    •    Refreshed “People” app with social network integration, status updates and hi-res images
    •    Android Beam, a near-field communication feature allowing the rapid short-range exchange of web bookmarks, contact info, directions, YouTube videos and other data
    •    Support for the WebP image format
    •    Hardware acceleration of the UI
    •    Wi-Fi Direct

From the way I have order the list above, you probably can tell the Camera app improvement was a major plus point in my opinion. I know I know you came here to find out how you can get the Android 4 not to read about its new features, so lets get into business. You can get the Android Ice Cream Sandwitch for your Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE and other flavors of the Samsung Galaxy S2 mainly by two methods.

1- Over the air(OTA): You will wake up one morning and find a message in your Android device notification area informing you that you have a software update available & ask you if you want to proceed with the update. Just answer with yes and follow the procedures on the screen & wohoo you get boosted to Android 4.0 and get all of its features mentioned above! In order for this to happen your service provider has to be started to roll the updates in your area and your turn to upgrade is finally there. If you did not get that notification, don't give up maybe you can speed thing up by trying the second method.

2- Using Samsung Kies:
I was actually one of the people who did not get the upgrade notification message as my service provider (Rogers in this case) did not seems the fastest to roll them out & my turn for over the air upgrade was not yet there. As I could not wait, I thought I will try Samsung Kies and see if I can pull the update rather than wait for it to be pushed to me over the air & Vooyooola! That worked out and I got Android 4.0. For those of you who need instruction on how to do that, just read the instructions below.

Using Samsung Kies to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE to Android 4.0

1- Download Samsung Kies 2.0 from Samsung website at:
2- Double click the installer and follow the installation instruction which can be a bit different whether you are using Mac or Windows.
3- Start your Samsung Kies 2.0 by clicking on it in your program files(Windows users) or Application folder(Mac users)
4- After the Samsung Kies application complete its loading, connect your Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE or your particular model of the Samsung Galaxy S2
5- Wait till Samsung Kies detect your Galaxy S2 device
6- After my Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE device was detected by Samsung Kies, I got the message “Some of the components of Samsung Kies need to be updated for firmware management.

7- Just press the Update Kies button
8- As soon I hit the update Kies button, I had gotten another popup promoting me to accept upgrading the firmware of my device.

9- After accepting to start the firmware upgrade, it took about 15 minutes to complete my Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE to be upgraded to Android 4.0
10- Enjoy your Android Ice Cream Sandwich on your Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE!

I hope this help some one upgrading his device to the great Android 4.0! Enjoy!

HTC Raider vs Apple iPhone 4S

HTC Raider vs. Apple iPhone 4S

While the iPhone has dominated the smartphone market for quite some time, the last few years have seen a major surge in the competition. There are some outstanding Android devices on the market these days that are giving the iPhone a run for its money – not only in pricing, but in appearance, quality, and overall performance.Today we’re putting the now older HTC Raider head-to-head with the Apple iPhone 4S to see which one comes out on top. The reason; The new HTC products are about to hit the market very soon, as we look at the older HTC Raider, we can see how impressive it is against the newer Apple iPhone 4s. The New HTC’s should be dynamic!

HTC Raider vs Apple iPhone 4S

Look & Feel

Overall, the iPhone 4S is lighter and more compact than previous models (at only 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm), so it is slightly smaller than the HTC Raider (at 128 x 67 x 11.2 mm). This is largely due to the Raider’s stunning 4.5-inch capacitive touchscreen, which definitely outshines the iPhone 4S’s 3.5 inches. The slightly larger size of the Raider does mean that it’s a little heavier, however, weighing in at 177g compared to the iPhone’s 137g.Both phones have a 3.5mm headphone jack conveniently placed at the top, and the volume control on the right side. The Raider’s microUSB port is located on the left side of the phone, and conveniently doubles as an HDMI out (with the right converter).The screen on the HTC Raider is quite good, providing a sharp image at 540×960 pixels. While it can’t quite boast the “pixel-free” density we see on the iPhone 4S, the SuperLCD screen of the Raider displays accurate colors, a bright image, and wide viewing angles.


The HTC Raider comes with the dual-core, 1.2GHz APQ8060 Snapdragon processor. While the Apple iPhone 4S tends to run a bit faster with its 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor and Apple A5 chipset, the Raider keeps up pretty well. The Raider performs quite well overall and doesn’t lack in responsiveness, and the dual-core processor in both of these phones means that they can juggle multiple apps without compromising performance.While the Raider runs marginally slower than the iPhone 4S, it performed brilliantly in the areas of social networking, web browsing, email, and even game play. In fact, the difference between the two phones in this area is nearly imperceptible, which makes it a great choice and much lower price.The Apple iPhone 4S runs on a (non-removable) Li-Po 1432 mAH battery, whereas the HTC Raider uses a standard Li-Ion 1620 mAH battery. The drawback of the iPhone here is that the battery can only be replaced by Apple, meaning that you are without a phone while the new one is installed (at a hefty price markup). The Raider’s battery is easily replaced and is comparatively inexpensive, allowing you to even carry a spare if you’ll need the extra power. And of course, one of the major benefits of the Raider’s lighter processor is the extended battery life.

HTC raider versus apple iphone 4s


The HTC Raider runs on Android 2.3.4, with the Sense UI (HTC’s Android skin), which provides an overall attractive and stable performance. Of course, the Android app market has grown considerably over the last year and offers a huge assortment of games, music, movie application, maybe not quite as many as Apple’s. One of the things I have always loved about the Android software is their important communication apps like Maps, Texting, and Email. They work beautifully right out of the box and the Sense UI provides a consistently pleasant experience.The iPhone 4S runs on iOS5, and is one of Apple’s less dramatic updates, and if you ask even an Apple iPhone lover, this last update was a disappointment to them. The major additions are the Siri app and iCloud features. While these have been touted as fantastic additions, some users have been frustrated with trying to get these functions to work. Many Siri features simply aren’t functioning yet, and the iCloud is still glitchy at best. This is something that will need to be worked on. The HTC Raider running 2.3.4 has software in the Android Market that does exactly what the iCloud and Siri apps do. The Android Speaktoit application found in the Android Market is a free application, after having tested this application myself, find it to be better than the Siri app. The google docs that come free with your gmail email application have the majority of the iCloud features covered as well, and have been in use now for over 2 years and work very well with the phone service.

HTC Raider vs Apple iPhone 4s


In my opinion, the slightly older HTC Raider holds up surprisingly well against the newer Apple iPhone 4S. For the average user, the differences are practically negligible as the Raider provides a stellar performance overall, with Applications that are as good or better than the new apps for the iphone 4s.HTC has also recently announced there will be an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade soon, this is something to be extremely happy about!The HTC Raider is available at most cellular providers in North America


Rogers: $49.99 – 3 year contract, $474.99 – 2 year contract, $524.99 – No Term
Bell Canada:$49.95 – 3 year contract, $549.95 – 2 year contract, $599.95 – No Term

Is Apple as pure, Trendy, & perfectionist as they would like you to believe?

While many of Apple fans look at Apple being so trendy and perfectionist they have over looked at how their iPhone, Tablets, & Mac Laptops are manufactured. Did you think of the below? or at least make us a favor and just watch the video at the end of this post.

– Your Device was built by a slave who is considered less than dirt to that Trendy Company
– The guy who assembled your device has probably commit suicide due to how bad he is treated
– Your phone is costing just a penny, where you paid tons of money for it.
– Apple does not include the latest technology in your generation of the phone on purpose to make sure it missing something that will force you to buy the new generation in few months. Where does the old one go? Will these flood our world with trash of Lithium batteries.
– Did you know that Apple create no spare parts for many items in your devices? How about Apple not having any way to replace the touch screen of an iPhone which is the most fragile part of any iPhone. If your iPhone screen get damaged then your iPhone must be replaced and there is no repair is possible by the Apple store as they don’t have a replacement part for it putting more trash on the street. If you are shocked go ahead and ask your Apple store acting as you have broken your iPhone screen and hear what they tell you. I have a friend who had his iPhone 4S screen broken & they just had to replace his phone as they have no spare parts for the screen! Watch the video at the end of this post to see how fragile is the iPhone screen compared to other devices

– Did you know there is a much better cheaper alternatives to this devilish devices? Look at Android Devices & compare! Look how other Android devices compare to iPhone at:  

At last please look at the video at the following link which is as well there at the end of this post:

Please help improve the life of these slave workers by letting your voice heard!

Nexus Prime Vs. Apple iPhone 4S

Battle for supremacy, which is better smartphone, the new Google Nexus Prime or the Apple iPhone 4S?Although the Apple iPhone was the original revolutionary device to start the smart phone craze, lately the Android phones have been nipping at iPhones heels in terms of popularity and sales. The latest offering from these two giants are the Nexus Prime from Android, and the Apple iPhone 4S from Apple. The winner of this contest could ultimately tip the tide in the smart phone wars one way or the other.

Nexus Prime vs Apple iPhone 4s

Look and Feel

The Google Nexus Prime is a thinner phone than the Apple iPhone 4S. Even though the upgraded iPhone 4S has improved in terms of getting thinner, it pretty hard to beat Nexus, the thinnest smart-phone in the world. The Nexus Prime is also lighter, coming in at 135 grams to the iPhones 140. The difference in thinness is slight, the Primes 9 mm to the iPhone 4S which is 9.3mm. This means that while the Prime is more portable in terms of statistics, the difference will not likely be very noticeable.Actually, the Nexus will be a little larger due to its larger screen, which comes in at an inch larger than the iPhone 4S 3.5 inch display. The Google Nexus Prime and the Apple iPhone 4s will be largely similar in look and feel to the phones that they are designed after. So if you like the look and feel of the original Nexus, or the original iPhone 4, then that will give you a good idea of what to expect for the new versions.

Nexus Prime vs Apple iPhone 4s


The Google Nexus Prime sports a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, with a PowerVR SGX540 GPU at 384MHz for Great Graphics, which will make it noticeably faster than the iPhones A4, 1 GHz dual core processor with PowerVR SGX535 GPU. The difference in speed will likely make a difference, especially if you plan on running some games that need processing power, like high level graphic games, for example.
The iPhone 4S will have more memory available, since you can choose to have it come with 16, 32 or 64 GB, while the Google Nexus Prime will come 32 GB in the U.S. 16GB in Canada. In contrast, the Nexus will come with an impressive 1 GB of RAM, to the iPhone 4S 512 MB. Having twice as much Ram will also make the Nexus much snappier and capable of running better programs.
The phones camera for the Samsung Nexus will be a 5 megapixel while it will be 8 megapixels for the iPhone 4S, but as we mentioned before, this will only make a difference if your planning on blowing up your pictures to poster size. The Apple iPhone 4S will still run off of the 3G network, while the Prime will run off the 4G LTE network, making the Prime also a significantly faster phone in regards to data transfer online, watching media, the speed will be really nice to have.
The battery power of each phone is about the same, giving similar lengths of time with using the phone for talking, and also a similar amount on standby. The Google Nexus Prime has a display that’s an inch larger than the iPhone, and it also uses new Super AMOILED technology for a more response touch screen. The Samsung Nexus Prime also has a display screen with 1280 by 720 resolution, which are light years ahead of the 640 X 960 iPhone 4S screen.
The larger screen on the Nexus will also make it easier to see, which is a big deal when you are watching a movie or T.V. Show, and when you have a 4G LTE connection, you will be doing a lot of that.

Nexus Prime vs apple iphone.jpg


The Apple iPhone 4S will be running the IOS 5 operating system. The Google Nexus Prime will be running Android 4.0, which has been code named Ice Cream Sandwich in line with Google fondness for naming their operating systems after desserts.
The operating systems are generally comparable here, and the problem is that comparing IOS to Android is a bit of an apples and oranges situation (or Apples to Ice Cream). The only thing to note is that iPhone 4S is running the same software as the iPhone 4, so that will give you good idea of its capabilities. The Google Nexus Prime will be the first phone out to run Android 4.0, which sports some new features like direct WIFI transfer, NFC Technology (new internal processor that gives the Nexus the ability to have a payment feature, so you could use your phone, to purchase from a vending machine or cash register), Nexus will also have a new first facial recognition lock-screen, and upgraded voice recognition features, are you getting excited?


Pricing for the Nexus will vary in the U.S. depending on the Carrier. Keep in mind these phones require talk and data plans if purchased on contracts.

Verizon, the cost is $649.99 for purchase, or $299.99 with a 2 year contract.
Bell Canada, $159.95 for a 3 year contract – Bell gets the Nexus exclusively in Canada for 1 month
Rogers Canada will is taking orders now with a $40.00 deposit for delivery sometime in January

AT&T Cost $799.99 for the Apple iPhone 4S – 64 GB $399.99 on a 2 year contract
AT&T Cost $699.99 for the Apple iPhone 4S – 32 GB $299.99 on a 2 year contract
Verizon offers the iPhone 4S
-64 GB $399.99 for a 2 year contract
-32 GB $299.99 for a 2 year contract
-16 GB $199.99 for a 2 year contract.
Bell Canada offers the iPhone 4S
-64 GB on a 3 year contract for $369.95
-32 GB on a 3 year contract for $269.95
-16 GB on a 3 year contract for $159.95
Virgin Mobile Canada offers the same pricing as Bell for $0.05 more for each phone
Rogers offers the iPhone 4S
-64 GB on a 3 year contract for $369.00 or Buy $849.00
-32 GB on a 3 year contract for $269.00 or Buy $749.00
-16 GB on a 3 year contract for $159.00 or Buy $649.00
Telus offers the iPhone 4S
-64 GB on a 3 year contract for $369.00 or Buy $849.00
-32 GB on a 3 year contract for $269.00 or Buy $749.00
-16 GB on a 3 year contract for $159.00 or Buy $649.00

Again, keep in mind that most contracts will require minimum plan costs per month that will be committed to in order to get the above pricing.

Nexus Prime vs Apple iPhone 4s


The Samsung Nexus Prime has completely new technology, a major upgrade in software, and far superior abilities when it comes to processing power, RAM, gaming and display. The choice of whether to choose the iPhone 4S over the Google Nexus Prime will likely come down to whether you are a diehard iPhone fan and refuse to look past the Apple Icon Status. They have done a great job in advertising and in taking the industry form phones as a calling device, I think they are a great product, but I have to say there are some great existing features that have been taken from Google existing cloud services. Like Google Docs, the blend beautifully with the new Android 4.0, that has become even better with the software.

The Google Nexus Prime appears to be the better phone, even just spec-wise, and the no-brainer choice. For users that require editing of docs, and spreadsheets, the larger phone, and the ability to work with in the Google docs environment, is great. Sharing docs with colleagues, has already existed with Google, and the Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich brings it all home with a large screen to view your work, take pictures and videos, play games or watch your favorite T.V. show when you just want to sometime to relax.

I want one!

iPhone fans mentality. iPhone 4 vs HTC EVO

Have you ever thought how come Apple fans keep always buying the latest and greatest Apple products, although if the difference in the price from the previous generation is huge while not much difference in functionality. I mean how much of a difference iPhone 4S had when compared to iPhone 4, nothing that even worth mentioning. On the other hand how many iPhone fan has upgraded their phones to iPhone 4S!! Further, how many are still waiting to put their hand on one to upgrade their own iPhone 4!!

Another thing that always make us wonder, how come Apple fans only consider buying Apple product even if there is a better product in the market at a fraction of the cost. Even they are willing to pay much higher for a service provider just because that service provider sell iPhone.

If the above examples make you wonder, then watching the video below will be of a great amusement for you and will put a big smile on your face guaranteed.

Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE vs Motorola Razr

We have been one of the people who waited for long to put our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE and Motorola RAZR. Well, finally it happen and we had our hands on these two devices for the past 48 hours from Rogers Canada. While other providers devices might be a little different or a bit different naming, both the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE and Motorola RAZR should be mostly similar by all providers to the one from Rogers and reviewed here.

Before we start its worth giving a warning or a message that our review might be a bit biased toward the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE. The reason behind that is not political or being paid for the review by Samsung, but because we had decided to dump the Motorola RAZR for the superior Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE in our team for the below reasons:

– The battery life on the sets we had of the Motorola RAZR was miserable. A full charge did not last over 6 hours with a normal usage with 3G, few phone calls, & e-mail. We believe Motorola is aware of the problem in their Motorola RAZR device and that why they have worked hard on resolving the problem in the software by offering an extra power management software that stop non used programs, disable none used services and so on, but that did not seems to cut it for the compromise they have took on the battery size to meet being the thinnest device in the market.

– The weight distribution on the device was kinda missed up. Too much weight on the top side where you actually hold the device from the bottom side, made the device handling being not for our taste.

– Many applications did not work probably on the Motorola RAZR. We are sure this probably will get fixed as with time application developers will fix their applications to work with the Motorola RAZR. We actually can not blame this one on Motorola, but definitely Samsung has took advantage of this device being the third generation of the same series where most of the application we had tried had run without a problem.  One of the application which was a must for our team and did not work well on the Motorola RAZR is Viber for Android. The voice will start but very noisy and will cut right after 5 seconds, we did not face any similar problem with the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE. It might be worth mentioning that Motorola RAZR still does not appear on the Viber for Android Compatibility list.

– The Motorola RAZR headset has a bit of obvious head when doing a long calls from the top screen size, where your ears normally sit. Maybe being too thin is the cause for this one again.

Ok now we have took our reasoning why we like the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE, lets look at how these devices compare head to head as the Motorola RAZR still got advantages over the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE and every one has his own preferences. Below is our detailed Comparison.

Look & Feel Comparison for Motorola RAZR vs Samsung Glaxy S2 LTE

While in most cases look & feel go hand in hand for most hand sets, it worked totally differently in this one. Actually we have liked the look of the Motorola RAZR much better than the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE. The KEVLAR fibre look as well Corning Gorilla Glass looked both stunning as well help the device handle more hits. Further the splash guard coating that can protect the electric boards inside from water and coffee spilt was such a great idea. Both devices had the power port in a convenient location where you can still use the device while charging it. The Samasung Galaxy S2 LTE had it just with all other Galaxy phones to the bottom of the device where Motorola again were innovative with this one and placed it to the bottom of the device. Last thing about the look, both devices sizes was very similar when we stack them up, which kinda surprised us as the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE suppose to have a larger screen with 4.5″ where the Motorola RAZR has only 4.3″, but it seems the spaces between the screen and the edge of the phone were larger in the Motorola RAZR than the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE. Click on the images below to enlarge it & see how these phones sizes compare.


On the feel side we had liked how the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE feel in our hand better than the Motorola RAZR for two reasons. The weight distribution and the rounded edges on the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE has made holding it a pleasure comparing to the Motorola RAZR where more weight is sitting to the top of the device with squared edges.

Hardware Comparison for Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE vs Motorola RAZR

Both the Galaxy S2 LTE and the RAZR are sporting a dual core processors, where the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE is running a faster 1.5Ghz processor in compare to the Motorola RAZR 1.2 GHz processor where both devices have 1GB of RAM. Though its important to note that both device has performed quite well and without any lag during most of our tests. The Motorola RAZR had slown down a bit once after 30 minutes of a 3D game running by our member after it heated up a bit. We don’t believe that should be of a problem for most users, but if you are a gamer on your Android phone then that is something to test for when trying it out. It might be just an extensive game what one of our crew decided to try. Both phones we had tried has 16GB of internal storage and the ability to install up to 32GB additional SDCard. Although rogers does not seems to provide SD card with neither phones, it seems some US suppliers will be providing a 16GB SD Card pre-installed in the Motorola RAZR. We are not aware if others will do the same for the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE as this will depend per provider.

As far Display go, the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE has 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus Gorilla glass display that may give a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels with about 207 pixels per inch (ppi) pixel density, while Droid Razr comes with a 4.3-inch qHD screen paired with Super AMOLED touchscreen that may give a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels with about 256 ppi pixel density. Both displays were stunning in our opinion where the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE has a bit superior display in our opinion with less of pixelation effect as seen with the Motorola RAZR.

As far weight and dimensions go the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE weighing 130.5 grams, has a dimension of 129.8 x 68.8 x 9.5 mm. On the other hand, Droid RAZR measures 130.7 x 68.9 x 7.1 mm and weighs 127 grams. As you can see the Droid RAZR is a bit thinner and lighter but some how still of a larger width and height than the Samsung Galaxy S2 which is odd as the Samsung Galaxy S2 has a larger display and we expected it to have a larger face size than the Droid RAZR. Although Motorola has done a great job in getting the device to be thinner and lighter as per image above with Motorola RAZR on top, they had missed up when they had made the device face larger with less display size. Further the thin size of the Motorola RAZR seems to come at the compromise of the battery life and a bit of heating issue.

Both devices has great 8MP back cameras and 2MP front cameras which can record high-definition videos in 1080 pixel resolution. We have enjoyed both Cameras and did could not really make our mind which one is better than the other.

Connectivity wise at the Rogers network the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE will have a faster connectivity with it supporting LTE where the Motorola RAZR will not support LTE but a max of 4G. I am not sure if other providers versions will be different than that, but for here we will stick with the versions we had seen. Both devices has bluetooh and Mini USB connection. The Samsung Galaxy S2 use a normal SIM card, where the Motorola RAZR require a Micro SIM just like the iPhone which we thought it was a disadvantage to the RAZR specially if you keep switching your line with other phones.

In our test the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE actually has topped the Motorola RAZR in the battery test, which is was kinda to our expectation as it has a larger standard Li-ion 1850 mAh battery, while Droid Razr only has a 1780mAh battery. Further the battery on the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE is replaceable where its not on the Motorola RAZR. Further, we were not impressed at all with the battery life on the Motorola RAZR, where we were OK with the one on the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE.

Voice Quality & speakers quality was quite high on both devices with no complains on both party the calling & receiving after all it must be a good phone before anything else :). Only we had problem with Viber voip calls on the Motorola RAZR, but not Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE. Though the problem was only Viber related where other VOIP programs like Skype & vbuzzer worked well for us which means the Motorola RAZR has no VOIP problem, its just up to the Viber team to fix their software to work well on Motorola RAZR.

Motorola RAZR has HDMI port where the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE does not.

Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE has NFC(Near Field Communication), but not the Motorola RAZR

Software Comparison for Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE vs Motorola RAZR

Both devices are running Google’s Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 operating system and they should get the Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0 mobile OS upgrade, early next year as per both vendors announcement. We have noticed the OS to be more customized on the Motorola RAZR which has caused more Apps to fail at least for the time being till Apps developers pickup and fix it. Though we should mentioned that we had definitely enjoyed the Motorola MotoCast and we think Motorola should make it available for a fee on other Android devices as away to make money specially being acquired by Google just recently :). The Motorola MotoCase will ensure that you are not worried any more than you have forget to copy the last updated file to your device or that you don’t have enough space on your SD Card as your full PC will always be with you on the go. We believe this was one of the biggest advantages for the Motorola RAZR.

Price Comparison for Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE vs Motorola RAZR on Rogers Canada

Well, as each provider control his phones pricing differently we will provide the comparison based on the provider we had the hand sets from which Rogers Canada in this case(Yeah I hear you who want to use Rogers, their customer service sux not the one at the store but the centralized one who answer the phone and has even control over the poor store reps), but hey they were the first to have the devices over here so no other option :). Ok prices as per roger were as follow:

Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE    No Term Contract: $649.99        With Three Years Contract:   179.99
Motorola RAZR                 No Term Contract: $649.99        With Three Years Contract:  149.99

We know what you are thinking, why does the three years contract on the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE is hire than the Motorola RAZR although they hold the same tag price. We have no clue why, but it seems Rogers know that the Galaxy S2 LTE has a higher demand and wanted to shell more money of it by discriminating against it in the price :).

Well we hate to say this, but if after all this still not sure which device you want to get then go and grab the one you like a bit more take it home and try it for up to two weeks but don’t make over 30 mins of calling and if you discover you like the other one better then go back to store and replace it. Its the policy with Rogers store :).

At last unfortunately, we still have not implemented our own blog or forum where you can leave your comments and respond to you, though we have agreed with to host a post for us where we can get your comments and reply to it. You can find the post at: Motorola Droid RAZR vs Samsung Galaxy LTE on Rogers Canada Post. Please leave your comments on there and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Android Swype Keyboard is over taking Android Phones keyboards

I know I have written about the Swype Keyboard before on here, but seeing it coming pre-installed on every new Android Phone & Android Tablet make it worth another round. If you still have not started using your pre-installed Swype Keyboard yet or you don’t know what its then please keep reading this article & give it a try. You will never regret it & you will give your iPhone friends something to mug you for :).

If you have not heard of the Swype Keyboard, then its the best keyboard you can get for an Android phone. What amazing about it you have no longer to press every key on your keyboard to type the letters, but you can swype your hand across the letters and it will intelligently figure out what you are typing. I really can not imagine my Android phone with it. You might want to look at the following video to see how it work:

By the way if you have bought any new Android phone lately, your phone more than likely already have the Swype Keyboard included in it at no charge to you. All you have to do to enable your Swype keyboard is the follow:

Step 1: Long press within a text field area.

Step 2: Select “Input Method” at bottom of the list.

Step 3: Select “Swype.” You’re ready to go!

Ok, You if in step 2 you did not have Swype as an option then your phone might not have Swype pre-installed but you still can get the free Google Play.

I have attached the pictures for some of the greatest and latest Androids phones and tablets that come already pre-installed with Swype Keyboard although you still have to follow the 3 steps above to enable the Swype keyboard as its not the default on any of them.

Samsung Nexus (Prime) vs. Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE

The Samsung Nexus has been anticipated for quite a long time, ever since the original Nexus which was one of the more popular smart phones back in the day. Many people on the internet are buzzing about the newest version of the Android’s operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, will be like. The Samsung Nexus Prime is the very first phone that will have 4.0 installed.

Look and Feel

The Prime and the Galaxy have similar designs. The Galaxy wins for being more durable, with the famous gorilla glass that is known to be real tough and break-resistant. The screen sizes are similar, and both have similar weights, with the Nexus Prime being a little heavier at 135g as compared to the Galaxy’s 116g.

samsung nexus prime vs samsung galaxy s2 lte

Software Comparison

samsung nexus prime vs samsung galaxy s2 lte

The biggest difference in software, since both phones are running Android, is the version of Android each runs. The Samsung Nexus will be running the brand new “Ice Cream Sandwich” version of Android, or Android 4.0. The Galaxy will still be running Android 2.3.3, called “Gingerbread” due to Android’s affinity for sweet sounding names. To be fair there will be an available update for the Galaxy to its operating system to the new 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), which will more than likely happened after they have run at least one or two updates to the 4.0 software. However this is all dependent on your cellular service provider, and when and if, they decide to release this update to their customer base. So that is a good piece of news for the people who have just recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE, or are still deciding on which to buy.

This means that the software advantage clearly goes to the Samsung Nexus. Ice Cream Sandwich has a number of completely new features not known to the older Gingerbread version. Among these is “Face Unlock.” This is a feature that makes people think the future is finally here. The Samsung Nexus Prime will actually have facial recognition software for its lock screen. This means that you can set the phone so it won’t unlock unless the camera recognize the face of its owner.

Ice Cream Sandwich also has real time voice to text dictation as an alternative to the touch screen keyboard. This makes it far easier to do tasks like texting and searching for things online if you need your hands for something else, like driving. If you do have hands to help, you can fix any mistaken words with the usual word fixing feature by tapping the word on the screen. This is also not androids first attempt at voice dictation, android developers have been working at integration of this feature in past generations.

Android Beam and WIFI Direct are also new features for 4.0. These features let phones communicate with each other directly, without having to send files, YouTube videos, or any other kind of information across the entire Internet. It’s a little silly to have to do that when you’re right next to someone, right?

Hardware Comparison


Both Samsung phones have dual-core processors, and are about the same speed processor wise. The Galaxy has more options for storage, with 16 GB and 32 GB SD card options compared to the Nexus’s 16. With the Samsung Nexus has gone the other way here and not allowed for the add on MicroSD. The Nexus takes the prize for display screen by a long stride. It had a 4.6 inch Super HD AMOILED screen with a resolution of 1280×720 for one of the crisper views in the business. This is compared to the Galaxy’s 4.3 inch Super AMOILED Plus screen of 800×480, which is still very good.

Both phones have a front-facing video camera. They also both have 1080p HD video, and a Megapixel camera, though the Galaxy has 8MP to the Prime’s 5MP, however I have to say, the 5MP is nice and doesn’t matter unless you’re blowing up a picture to poster size. I must say, they have done a great job, at review time looking at the screen. Taking pictures, there was almost no lag between shots, very fast. The phones are very similar when it comes to other capabilities, such as the 4G connectivity with maximum internet speeds of 21Mbps, and the capacity of their batteries, with an average of around 8 hours each for talk time.

samsung nexus prime vs samsung galaxy s2 lte



The Galaxy will run you up to 200 dollars with contract in the U.S., whereas the Galaxy Nexus is a goodly amount pricier at around 300 in U.S. These prices will change rapidly in the coming months after release. However if you are willing to lock into a 3 year contract you can see the price below that in Canada

Bell Canada is the first to get hold of the new Galaxy Nexus and is taking pre-orders for December 8th 2011 Delivery. I hope they will be able to stick to this time table, as a little bird has told me there could be delays on product actually getting into customers hands at the announced time. The rumour is it could be delayed closer to end of December, possibly just shortages, so the sooner you get your orders in. The sooner you will be one of the few to receive your new Galaxy Nexus, with Ice Cream Sandwich.

 $159.95 On a 3 year term when activating a minimum voice and data plan combination or smartphone plan of a minimum of $50 or more per month.



Bell Canada will have an exclusive for 1 month before the Galaxy Nexus is released through Rogers stores.

Rogers is now offering pre orders of their Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a $40.00 Deposit to be delivered for  January 2012.

Again these dates are not iron clad, Bells release date is November 7, 2011, as I mentioned there is a possibility of delay or shortages. Regardless, if you pre-order with Bell or Rogers. You will be the first to get yours, regardless of when it gets here, and the word is, worst case scenario, it should not be delayed more than 30 days at most.

Conclusion: Which is the Better Phone?

There’s no question that Nexus is a phone with more advanced features, especially in the software department. The question will always be, buy now, or wait for the next, newest version. The Galaxy is certainly a very advanced smart phone with a good display, and Gingerbread is no joke for advanced software. The question is looks, with the Galaxy you have the possibility to have 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich O/S with in the year, that will certainly be enough for some.

But if you yearn for those great futuristic features for Ice Cream Sandwich, like real time voice transcription, and facial recognition unlock screens, speed, new software interface that makes much more sense than the previous versions of Android, making the change shouldn’t bother you at all.

For me, the software, and well matched hardware, this is a product that is a major jump ahead of what we have seen so far from the Android camp, and I would say this has them solidly eating Apples lunch. If I may say… in some case, if the only vending machines available to dispense lunch are using NFC technology, iPhone won’t even be able to get lunch at all, unless they ask an Android user to buy it for them… I for one can’t wait. I want my Ice Cream Sandwich, and want to talk, email, chat, make movies and watch, Facebook, and twitter on it now!


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Thanks for reading, Hope you enjoyed this review.

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