Android Swype Keyboard is over taking Android Phones keyboards

I know I have written about the Swype Keyboard before on here, but seeing it coming pre-installed on every new Android Phone & Android Tablet make it worth another round. If you still have not started using your pre-installed Swype Keyboard yet or you don’t know what its then please keep reading this article & give it a try. You will never regret it & you will give your iPhone friends something to mug you for :).

If you have not heard of the Swype Keyboard, then its the best keyboard you can get for an Android phone. What amazing about it you have no longer to press every key on your keyboard to type the letters, but you can swype your hand across the letters and it will intelligently figure out what you are typing. I really can not imagine my Android phone with it. You might want to look at the following video to see how it work:

By the way if you have bought any new Android phone lately, your phone more than likely already have the Swype Keyboard included in it at no charge to you. All you have to do to enable your Swype keyboard is the follow:

Step 1: Long press within a text field area.

Step 2: Select “Input Method” at bottom of the list.

Step 3: Select “Swype.” You’re ready to go!

Ok, You if in step 2 you did not have Swype as an option then your phone might not have Swype pre-installed but you still can get the free Google Play.

I have attached the pictures for some of the greatest and latest Androids phones and tablets that come already pre-installed with Swype Keyboard although you still have to follow the 3 steps above to enable the Swype keyboard as its not the default on any of them.

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