Mobile VOIP Dialer

Mobile VOIP Dialer

Mobile VOIP dialer is one of the best VOIP dialers which allows you to make national and international calls without spending your money, Mobile VOIP is one of the world’s best Android application which helps you to save your mobile phone costs right away, by using this Mobile VOIP application. You do not need to worry about which phone your friend is using Mobile VOIP is not only an application for android but also it is for Symbian and IPhone users! You can contact anytime anywhere in the world, just make free calls over 3G or WIFI networks.

You do not need to worry about the roaming costs etc, when your friend or family member lives in abroad simply switch to Mobile VOIP over a Wifi or 3G network and make free calls. no matter where you are, you can make calls in hotel room, public hotspot or in restaurant. it helps you to  save on mobile calling  charges when travelling abroad as well!

To use this simply install it into your phone register with any one of the many supported VOIP brands and save loads of money on your local or international calls. it also  helps you to call over the destinations which are not among the FREE destinations at no cost. it offers you either FRee calls or very cheap calls to any international place.

You need to signup via and create an account from a supported VOIP Provider.

Make Free international calls over SIP Technology with this unique dialer. It helps you to make cheapest calls by connecting to internet using 3G, UMTS or WIFI connections. it is cheaper than SKYPE and from VIBER NO ONE OFFERS CHEAPER CALLS BUT MOBILE VOIP!

For any kind of help or assistance please Visit our website at!

Just download Mobile VOIP and enjoy free calls to your desired destination.

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