MIUI one of the Top Android ROM


 MIUI is one of the best and top ranked customzied  Android Rom which is pronounced as mee-yoo-eye  and is amongst the most popular custom ROMs available on Android market. While it is supported to a limited number of devices but  these are notably less varied than devices which CyanogenMod supports.

MIUI is Well known for its distinctive look which is, arguably, the best in the everyone’s business, enhanced notifications, smart dialing and enhanced apps for Music, Gallery and Camera. You need to Keep up to date your MIUI rom in a fast and easy way, browse the latest releases of the MIUI rom and download directly on your phone the last version with you preferred language.

Its supported devices are as follows
– Nexus One
– Nexus S
– HTC Desire
– HTC Desire HD
– HTC Incredibile
– HTC Desire CDMA
– Motorola Milestone
– Motorola Droid 1
– Samsung Galaxy S
– Motorola Defy
– HTC Desire Z
– Acer Liquid
– LG Dual
– Samsung Galaxy S II

MIUI is the famous rom developed by the chinese crew of miui.com.

Who use MIUI know how much difficult is to stay up-to-date to the last version of this fantastic rom due to the weekly updates and differents language packs. This app allow you to download the last MIUI Rom version directly on your phone with additional packages like Language Packs and google apps.

In this way you can easily update you rom in recovery mode after the download of the deoexed roms and language packs directly on your sd card.
In the future will be available for each version new extra package with new features.

For now the MIUI language packs available are:
Spanish, Italian, Greek, English, Arabic,  Hebraic, French.

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