MapDroyd offline maps for Android


MapDroyd is one of the top ranked and popular android nav application which has the number 1 quality service from all applications – it offers youthe offline maps for the whole planet

By using this wonderful MapDroyd, now you can explore maps for the whole world by few clicks and search for addresses and places in one place. You can see and track your current location on a scalable vector map no need to search here and there every thing you need is here in one application (its interface) just type your required way or location and get it in front of you.

It does not only provide you the tiled maps but also Other than tiled maps you can rotate your map view in any direction and also change the perspective from a flat 2D map to a 3D perspective view because it has the awesome quality of 2d and 3d view for each map and location you want.. It allows you  to pick from different map styles without downloading new map data.

with this application you will feel Having the whole world in your pocket, this application saves your money by avoiding data costs, especially when you’re abroad and need to roam. Just use a public Wifi hot spot (e.g. at the airport or at your hotel) to pre-download the desired map regions on your device’s card and you’re set

MapDroyd’s main features are as follows :
– Offline (onboard) vector(!) map rendering and search
– Worldwide maps based on OpenStreetMap raw data
– Map downloads are free of charge
– Regular map updates (every 4 to 6 weeks)
– Form based address and Point Of Interest search
– Smart single line search
– Features a simple tracking mode
– Determines postal address at your current or explored position
– Includes a map download and update manager
– Customizable storage space

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