Linphone VoIP App

LinPhone VoIP App

Linphone is an android application provided to you by Belledonne communications, it is an open source internet Voice over IP phone (VOIP), it is compatible with the Sip Protocol, initially it was one of the very first open source application based on linux which uses the SIP technology and it has become the most popular open source Sip Dialer for all mobile platforms. This version for IPhone, IPad and Android, This extra ordinary open source mobile application provides you a text messaging feature with a good environment and Delivery status notification. another awesome feature is multiple calls and audio conferencing.

Linphone can be used with a large number of SIP-compatible VoIP service providers. also provides free SIP accounts to make audio & video calls over the internet at no cost.

LINPHONE’s main supported features are:
video with the VP8 codec
multiple calls
audio conferencing
Address book integration
Call history
DTMF (telephone tones) support using SIP INFO or RFC2833
Instant text messaging

With this open source application you can communicate with people over the internet at free of cost with video, voice, and instant text messaging. it is an open source application you can download and redistribute it freely without any restrictions. It is available for Android IPhone, Blackberry new release of LinPhone for android devices is now supports Bluetooth, now you can use it while driving, walking just like the normal calls. its new version also supports Russian language, it also includes significant enhancements in the new ergonomic shape and it is in curved face interface, A lot of new capabilities have been added to the current release. in most of the cases it works behind firewalls and protects you. to configure and more help regarding the application please visit or contact our support team.

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