LINE2 for android

Line2 for Android

Beyond thrilled to Introduce the new version of LINE2 for android. LINE2 for android has been completely rebuilt and based upon the long awaited feature requests and state of the best art technologies. LINE2 has the ability to maximize the potential of users favorite android devices, it is fully customizable and fully powered mobile communication tool.

Just imaging if you get another Phone line on your cell phone, LINE2 allows you to get an additional phone number in practically any city in the Canada or US. if also allows you to text and make free calls anywhere you have Wifi, no matter where you are, you can make calls or text from anywhere you have the WIFI facility, LINE2 is one of the best application suitable for dating, job hunting, classified ads works and in all type of situations where you need your alternate phone number. Are you traveling out of your city, or country, no Matter where you are in the world, just do not forget to keep LINE2 with you and you will be able to make or take calls from the USA or Canada just like you are at your own home. LINE2 does not need any country codes or Sim cards etc. LINE2 has a special feature it can turn your WIFI only table into a full featured phone.

LINE2 has free version and a premium version as well, Free version only allows you to call and sms to other LINE2 users. but if you upgrade to our $9.95 month-to-month service you can get unlimited ads free calling and texting with special features of call forwarding, voice mail, conference calling and many more. there are a lot of things which you were always expecting to get in one application LINE2 is providing all the things you were looking for. It allows you Unlimited texting, and HD quality Voice calls.

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