iSkoot Voice over IP for Android

Since 2007 iSkoot has helped to power the 3 Skype phone, the first ever mass-market Skype-enabled mobile handset offering integrated Skype as part of the standard package on the handset. iSkoot worked with Skype to develop software for the handset, which gives customers push-of-a-button access to their online Skype accounts.

iSkoot launched the first and only carrier-grade, carrier-deployed Skype-for-Mobile application in 2006, and now powers the Mobile World Congress award-winning 3 Skype phone. iSkoot for Android takes advantage of the voice-optimized circuit-switched network for delivery of voice communications, in keeping with its mission to engineer elegant and operator-friendly solutions to the challenge of bringing resource-intensive internet services to mobile handsets

Skoot for Skype delivers the features of Skype to your mobile phone. View your contacts, IM, make & receive Skype calls and place SkypeOut calls to phone numbers worldwide. iSkoot routes calls via the voice channel to offer unsurpassed call quality.

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