Groove IP Lite for Android

Groove IP lite

GrooVe IP Lite is a  wonderful application that provides you a way to connect Google Voice by using Voice over IP (VOIP), and as you know that if some application can do this, it means that you can make free and unlimited calls to any phone number in Canada or USA without using spending your money. Groove IP Lite is designed to work on any android device, phone or tablet that can allow you to make calls by using WIFI connection, this application is helpful for those who have a phone with wifi connection but do not have any mobile plan, in such cases you can use this application to convert your phone to a free and fully featured working phone device.

Groove IP’s full version contains a lot of extra features like;
You can use it without ads, provides a native dialer integration, proximity sensor support, allows you to change your sign in and sign in as invisible status. For this application your Google Voice account must be associated with either a Gmail or Google applications account.  You can also receive incoming calls and for this purpose you need to login to your Google Voice account and forward all of your incoming calls to Google Chat.

GrooVe IP Lite has a defined data connectivity structure it always use 1.2 mega byte per minute during a call. all details about known issues, answers to Frequently asked questions, setup details, requirements, or more information please visit

if you want to ask anything regarding this application, feature requests or facing any problems while running this application please contact us, we will try our best to respond you as soon as possible. by using this application you can call for free within the USA and Canada. All other calls are subject to Google Voice Calling rates.

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