Grocery IQ Shopping App

Grocery IQ

One of the best and most popular shopping applicaiton in android market, You might want to consult the intelligence of Grocery iQ before buying your groceries.

This amazing shopping application can be your personal buddy while buying your groceries. it allows you to make make a list of things to buy, scan barcodes, view coupons, share your list, create multiple lists for different grocery stores, and many more.
With its help You can add an item onto the list by manually typing it in the app. from now onwards you do not need to waste paper when there is Grocery iQ to keep your grocery list. This application will also organize your list by grouping items into categories.

For instance, your potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes will be placed under Fruits and Vegetables. In this way, you can easily check your list when browsing a particular section in the grocery store which is very helpful while shopping.
You can also create your list from your desktop computer. you can easily create a list and sync it to your Android device.
it is the Best Shopping list Application
all users Love this app, simple and exactly what you need it has many key Features
–  Simple, quick list making for planning and shopping efficiency
–  List sync’ing with family and friends
–  Store recipes ingredients as lists
–  helps you in Barcode scanning
–  Web portal and iPhone, Blackberry and AppUp support
–  FDA/USDA Alerts and Recalls on food items linked to barcodes
–  Budget and planning: track grocery prices and total spending.
–  Store search: find the stores around your or by zip code.
–  Real Customer Support!
–  Shop by customizable categories including grocery, home improvement, electronics, beauty and baby
–  Notes on all items make planning easy
–  provides you to create Multiple Lists for your shopping.

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