Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators

Have everything in one interface, this application covers everything you need, it allows you to convert your currency, loan comparison, refinance calculating, it also presents compound interest calculating which is very easy to use, for those who want to make their retirement finance plans this one is for those people.

it helps you to manage your credit card pay off, also provides you different tips to manage your system. it does not just have special calculators but also have regular calculator to calculate simple basic things. you can calculate your percentage rate annually als have miscellaneous calculations.

The following special calculators are covered by this smart android phone application, please have a look.
–  TVM Calculator
–  Currency Converter
–  Loan, Loan Comparison and Refinance Calculator
–  Compound Interest Calculator
–  Retirement/401k Calculator
–  Credit Card Pay Off Calculator
–  Tip Calculator
–  Regular Calculator
–  Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Calculator
–  Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator
–  Auto Loan/Lease Calculator
–  IRR NPV Calculator
    –  Percentage Calculator
    –  Bond Calculator
    –  Stock Calculators: Stock Return Calculator, Constant Growth Stock; Non-constant Growth Stock; Capital Asset Pricing Model; Expected Return
    –  Miscellaneous Calculations
The application allows you to edit and prioritize the list of calculators for easy access.
from all these above calculators just Currency Converter needs internet access to retrieve the latest currency exchange rate. All other calculators don’t need the Internet access.

We recommend you to download and use this smart android application and feel the difference.

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