Distance Maker Navigation App

Distance Maker

A new android application for navigation, but in very short time it proves it self as a one of the most popular nav system for android and tablet.

It Display a road sign with the distance towards your navigated location and direction on the screen of your android device or tablet.

It is one of the Great android application for road trips, Distance Marker is really a fun app that is able to display your favorite locations on a road sign.

It Uses the GPS position for your location navigation and the compass to calculate the directions both works together and provides you an awesome output.

Distance Marker is basically an amusing application  that allows you to tell how far away given places are from your location.

– With Much like the signs you’ll find at all tourist trap style landmarks.
– It can tell you distances in mi , KM’s or even in funny ways such as ‘very far’ and while not that useful at actually giving directions.
– the application is absolutely free of cost and it is  a great little application  to have on your Android phone device and on tablet.

V 1.0.1 does not show any empty space on sign and fixes a crash.

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