CSIPSimple SIP App for Android

CSIPSimple SIP App for Android

CSipSimple is basically and OpenSource (GPL) project for Sip on Android phone. There are a lot of benefits to users as it provides the High performances to its users, Providing rewriting and filtering rules for integration with android phones. Provides you a comfort environment for Text messaging Via Sip Simple. another Special feature is the Calls recording Now you are able to record all of your incoming and outgoing calls at no cost it is a built in feature in this application.

CSipSimple is very easy to configure it is a complete user friendly application have a wonderful Fancy UI Inspired from 4.x Holo theme. It allows you to use many codecs such as (HD Codecs and optimized codecs) it is compatible to all of them. Its Supported crypto: is TLS for SIP and SRTP/ZRTP for Media.

It offers you to use Multiple themes as per your desire now you do not need to bore from one theme you have a choice to choose it yourself. There are a lot of other features which you can find in different plugins  like More codecs (such as the experimental Opus) and the themes are available in the form of different plugins!!!

Now we are sure you are willing to know about the permissions required by this android application CSip Simple, you can check the permissions detail on http://code.google.com/p/csipsimple/wiki/PermissionsUse

We recommend you to please report all of your bugs to the bug tracker of the application project because it helps us to make a better application and we always try our best to deliver the top ranked quality in the android market we always welcome the suggestions and new feature requests and it helps us to build a good application what user is required.

This is an open source application that is why user can make the application it is distributed under GPLv3 license terms (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt). Install this amazing application and enjoy the best.

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