Carbon ROM

Carbon Android ROM

 One of the most Impressive and great Cusotmized rom is known as CarbonRom is ranked very good everywhere.

Basically it is a new ROM that is of course an aftermarket firmware based on Android 4.2.2 from AOSP. this rom provides a customized effect to its users who are loving ti and with its some special features of are: PIE, It provides  you an Unofficial Voodoo sound support, a lot of awesome  lock screen options, this Special Android Customized Rom also includes Chronus Clock widget (from CyanogenMod), very customizable hardware and software keys, and much more which you will enjoy.

Here we are providing a large list of devices that can be Flashed with this ROM
– Samsung Galaxy S3 d2att
– Samsung Galaxy S3  d2spr
– Samsung Galaxy S3 d2tmo
– Samsung Galaxy S3 d2vzw
– Samsung Galaxy S3 d2usc
– Samsung Galaxy S3 d2mtr
– Samsung Galaxy S3 d2cri
– Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300
– Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (i605,
– Samsung Galaxy Note 2 i900
– Samsung Galaxy Note 2 t0lte
– Samsung Galaxy Note 2 n7100
– Samsung Galaxy Nexus maguro
– Samsung Galaxy Nexus toro
– Samsung Galaxy Nexus toroplus
– Samsung Galaxy Note International
– Samsung Galaxy S2 International
– Nexus 4
– HTC One X International
– HTC One S
– Nexus 7
– Nexus 10
– Samsung Infuse 4G

We recommend you if you are using any Smartphone from the above list you must try this Special and amazing Customized Rom.

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