AOKP Android ROM

AOKP a well known name of a mature custom Rom, full form of AOKP is Android Open Kang Project, which is one of the most mature ROMs. This ROm has a good list of devices that are supported, but more importantly, it’s a wonderful ROM for the modding virgin.

Lets think out of the box , This impressive customized Rom Behaves totaly like the stock Android. In this special Rom all the changes are hidden within its ‘ROM Control’ featured option  in Settings menu; and the rest of the Settings menu, usually it is a bit of complicated minefield in custom Android ROMs, which exactly like stock android . Within this special menu, you will get the normal array of alternative options.

Where this Rom will allows you can change any theme according to your will, you can set your own notification toggles, Special status bar, an there are a lot of other special features and pretty much anything to be totally honest. The performance is fairly great and just like on equivalence with stock Android.

It is a lightweight application  which provides you very quick and very easy access to all things AOKP. Everything you will find out is very special and it is designed according to the will and feedback of the users. who are loving it, its team is always updating this application on regular basis and for the same reason this application is one of the most impressive and fastest Customized Rom Application in its market. Other than the fact that it gives you warm fuzzies for supporting a team that works really hard to deliver.

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