Amazon Shopping App

Amazon Shopping App

One of the most top ranked shopping android applicaiton Amazon, it has a great success story with its more than 5 million users, The Amazon Mobile App allows Android users to browse and “Shop by Department”,

This application also provides you quick search, compare prices, read reviews, share products with friends, access Gold Box Deals, and make purchases on

helps you to make on the go shopping and price comparison even easier, the Amazon Mobile App includes helpful shopping features that allow users to scan a barcode, snap a photo, or type a search, to quickly compare prices and check availability.

Customers can sign up to receive a daily notification for Lightning Deals and also stay up to date on status of their orders.

Shoppers are always able to access any of Amazon’s sites all around the world from a single app by simply selecting their desired Amazon country store. All customers have full access to their existing cart, wish lists, payment and Amazon Prime member shipping options, order history, their 1 Click settings and can also take advantage of’ Subscribe & Save.

 All purchases made on Amazon Mobile are routed through Amazon’s secure servers just as they are on the web.

Due to the fact that this is now a world wide app, location permissions are required to support a delivery service feature offered by Amazon in France and Japan. Only in those stores is the location data required or used. In those locations you are able to request delivery to a convenience store closest to your current location. That service is not available in other Amazon countries.

 while using this application you are able to place a call to Amazon Customer Service. menu details are Tap Menu -> More -> Help -> Call Customer Service, and we will place the proper number in the phone app and dial it.

Allows you to take pictures of internal interface and any product you want.  Bar code scanning and image search require access to the camera function if you choose to start the bar code scanner from the app.

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