iHeart Radio App

iHeart Radio App

A very Good android applicaiton for music and audio is iHeartRadio Alarm Clock, it  wakes up to iHeartRadio internet radio!  There are a lot of other special features in it : have you Forgot muted your phone? Do not need to worry, iHeartRadio Alarm Clock will turn it up your volume before alarm goes off and then stream internet radio on your will.

• you are allowed to Set volume of alarm, even if you forgot and left your phone on mute… it will always help you to never wake up late again.

• This application has an Infinite snooze, do not want to wake up yet or want to sleep a little longer, just have to set snooze interval and it will work on your will ….

• You can set some music which you want to play after alarm and it will Keep music playing after the alarm.

• Turn music off after alarm

• Repeating alarm Monday, Tuesday, Wed, ect.

• Turn wifi on automatically before alarm so iHeartRadio connects

• Turn wifi off automatically after dismiss alarm

• Tests network connection first, will turn on wifi (settings) if no network connection it will play back up alarm (settings)

Choose back up alarm ringtone
it helps you to Save iHeartRadio Alarm Clock to SD card

Toggle notification for iHeartRadio Alarm Clock
The iHeart Alarm Clock will become your reliable source for beginning your morning on the right foot. because iHeart Alarm Clock opens your internet radio connection to your favorite settings and channels. The internet radio convenience feature is yours to set up however you feel will wake you up to the brightest and most exciting way to start your day.

we recommend you to switch to this application and have fun with the iHeart Alarm Clock with its internet radio wake up features and start your day off right!

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