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Nexus Prime Vs. Apple iPhone 4S
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Date added: 02-01-2012

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Nexus Prime Vs. Apple iPhone 4S screenshot

The Battle for Smart phone Supremacy!

Battle for supremacy, which is better smartphone, the new Google Nexus Prime or the Apple iPhone 4S?Although the Apple iPhone was the original revolutionary device to start the smart phone craze, lately the Android phones have been nipping at iPhone’s heels in terms of popularity and sales. The latest offering from these two giants are the Nexus Prime from Android, and the Apple iPhone 4S from Apple. The winner of this contest could ultimately tip the tide in the smart phone wars one way or the other.

Look and Feel

The Google Nexus Prime is a thinner phone than the Apple iPhone 4S. Even though the upgraded iPhone 4S has improved in terms of getting thinner, it’s pretty hard to beat Nexus, the thinnest smart-phone in the world. The Nexus Prime is also lighter, coming in at 135 grams to the iPhone’s 140. The difference in thinness is slight, the Prime’s 9 mm to the iPhone 4S which is 9.3mm. This means that while the Prime is more portable in terms of statistics, the difference will not likely be very noticeable.Actually, the Nexus will be a little larger due to its larger screen, which comes in at an inch larger than the iPhone 4S’s 3.5 inch display. The Google Nexus Prime and the Apple iPhone 4s will be largely similar in look and feel to the phones that they are designed after. So if you like the look and feel of the original Nexus, or the original iPhone 4, then that will give you a good idea of what to expect for the new versions.


The Google Nexus Prime sports a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, with a PowerVR SGX540 GPU at 384MHz for Great Graphics, which will make it noticeably faster than the iPhone’s A4, 1 GHz dual core processor with PowerVR SGX535 GPU. The difference in speed will likely make a difference, especially if you plan on running some games that need processing power, like high level graphic games, for example.
The iPhone 4S will have more memory available, since you can choose to have it come with 16, 32 or 64 GB, while the Google Nexus Prime will come 32 GB in the U.S. 16GB in Canada. In contrast, the Nexus will come with an impressive 1 GB of RAM, to the iPhone 4S’s 512 MB. Having twice as much Ram will also make the Nexus much snappier and capable of running better programs.
The phones camera for the Samsung Nexus will be a 5 megapixel while it will be 8 megapixels for the iPhone 4S, but as we mentioned before, this will only make a difference if you’re planning on blowing up your pictures to poster size. The Apple iPhone 4S will still run off of the 3G network, while the Prime will run off the 4G LTE network, making the Prime also a significantly faster phone in regards to data transfer online, watching media, the speed will be really nice to have.
The battery power of each phone is about the same, giving similar lengths of time with using the phone for talking, and also a similar amount on standby. The Google Nexus Prime has a display that’s an inch larger than the iPhone’s, and it also uses new Super AMOILED technology for a more response touch screen. The Samsung Nexus Prime also has a display screen with 1280 by 720 resolution, which are light years ahead of the 640 X 960 iPhone 4S screen.
The larger screen on the Nexus will also make it easier to see, which is a big deal when you’re watching a movie or T.V. Show, and when you have a 4G LTE connection, you will be doing a lot of that.


The Apple iPhone 4S will be running the IOS 5 operating system. The Google Nexus Prime will be running Android 4.0, which has been code named “Ice Cream Sandwich” in line with Google’s fondness for naming their operating systems after desserts.
The operating systems are generally comparable here, and the problem is that comparing IOS to Android is a bit of an apples and oranges situation (or Apples to Ice Cream). The only thing to note is that iPhone 4S is running the same software as the iPhone 4, so that will give you good idea of its capabilities. The Google Nexus Prime will be the first phone out to run Android 4.0, which sports some new features like direct WIFI transfer, NFC Technology (new internal processor that gives the Nexus the ability to have a payment feature, so you could use your phone, to purchase from a vending machine or cash register), Nexus will also have a new first facial recognition lock-screen, and upgraded voice recognition features, are you getting excited?


Pricing for the Nexus will vary in the U.S. depending on the Carrier. Keep in mind these phones require talk and data plans if purchased on contracts.
•Verizon, the cost is $649.99 for purchase, or $299.99 with a 2 year contract.
•Bell Canada, $159.95 for a 3 year contract – Bell gets the Nexus exclusively in Canada for 1 month
•Rogers Canada will is taking orders now with a $40.00 deposit for delivery sometime in January

•AT&T Cost $799.99 for the Apple iPhone 4S - 64 GB $399.99 on a 2 year contract
•AT&T Cost $699.99 for the Apple iPhone 4S - 32 GB $299.99 on a 2 year contract
•Verizon offers the iPhone 4S
-64 GB $399.99 for a 2 year contract
-32 GB $299.99 for a 2 year contract
-16 GB $199.99 for a 2 year contract.
•Bell Canada offers the iPhone 4S
-64 GB on a 3 year contract for $369.95
-32 GB on a 3 year contract for $269.95
-16 GB on a 3 year contract for $159.95
•Virgin Mobile Canada offers the same pricing as Bell for $0.05 more for each phone
•Rogers offers the iPhone 4S
-64 GB on a 3 year contract for $369.00 or Buy $849.00
-32 GB on a 3 year contract for $269.00 or Buy $749.00
-16 GB on a 3 year contract for $159.00 or Buy $649.00
•Telus offers the iPhone 4S
-64 GB on a 3 year contract for $369.00 or Buy $849.00
-32 GB on a 3 year contract for $269.00 or Buy $749.00
-16 GB on a 3 year contract for $159.00 or Buy $649.00

Again, keep in mind that most contracts will require minimum plan costs per month that will be committed to in order to get the above pricing.


The Samsung Nexus Prime has completely new technology, a major upgrade in software, and far superior abilities when it comes to processing power, RAM, gaming and display. The choice of whether to choose the iPhone 4S over the Google Nexus Prime will likely come down to whether you’re a diehard iPhone fan and refuse to look past the Apple Icon Status. They have done a great job in advertising and in taking the industry form phones as a calling device, I think they are a great product, but I have to say there are some great existing features that have been taken from Google’s existing “cloud” services. Like Google Docs, the blend beautifully with the new Android 4.0, that has become even better with the software.
The Google Nexus Prime appears to be the better phone, even just spec-wise, and the no-brainer choice. For users that require editing of docs, and spreadsheets, the larger phone, and the ability to work with in the Google docs’ environment, is great. Sharing docs with colleagues, has already existed with Google, and the Nexus with “Ice Cream Sandwich” brings it all home with a large screen to view your work, take pictures and videos, play games or watch your favorite T.V. show when you just want to sometime to relax.

I want one!

Watch the video for Nexus Prime Vs. Apple iPhone 4S:

Watch the video for Nexus Prime Vs. Apple iPhone 4S:



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