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iPhone fans mentality. iPhone 4 vs HTC EVO
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Date added: 01-01-2012

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iPhone fans mentality. iPhone 4 vs HTC EVO screenshot

Find out how iPhone fans mentality is briliant. Further find out how the HTC EVO compare to the iPhone as far iPhone fans.

Have you ever thought how come Apple fans keep always buying the latest and greatest Apple products, although if the difference in the price from the previous generation is huge while not much difference in functionality. I mean how much of a difference iPhone 4S had when compared to iPhone 4, nothing that even worth mentioning. On the other hand how many iPhone fan has upgraded their phones to iPhone 4S!! Further, how many are still waiting to put their hand on one to upgrade their own iPhone 4!!

Another thing that always make us wonder, how come Apple fans only consider buying Apple product even if there is a better product in the market at a fraction of the cost. Even they are willing to pay much higher for a service provider just because that service provider sell iPhone.

If the above examples make you wonder, then watching the video below will be of a great amusement for you and will put a big smile on your face guaranteed.

Watch the video for iPhone fans mentality. iPhone 4 vs HTC EVO:

Watch the video for iPhone fans mentality. iPhone 4 vs HTC EVO:



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