LinkedIn App for Android

Linkedin App for Android

now engage with a professional content and gain new insights right from the stream. this new intelligent navigation is personalized and just based for you on how you use linkedIn everyday all the time.

About Linkedin features there are no words to describe its features it is simply unbelievable . linked in has over 225 million members from all over the world you are allowed to connect with any one you want to link with. You can stay up to date with the people in your network, follow your influencers to get insights and all type of original content from business leaders in your stream.

you can update your profile within the application  it allows you to change your linkedin profile display picture, update your about us and information updated you work place, your current job  details, Job descriptions and a lot of stuff is there.

It is very useful for those who wanted to switch or looking for a new job, linked in provides you a perfect environment and a way to get the latest updates about new job openings and to discuss a lot of things with other people and have their review on those jobs or relevant to the job provider.

This android application is available in multilanguage such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Turkish, Dutch and Norwegian.

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